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Health Insurance Awareness is a must

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At present, developing countries have two challenges before them:

  • One section of the population is aware of the importance of Health Insurance, child health plan etc. but do not know what their Policy holds for them.
  • The other section of the population especially in the rural part of the country who has no idea what a Health Insurance is and how they can avail it.
  • Both the sections pose huge threats in different ways; let us examine the first case. In this case, the majority of the people follow their financial advisor blindly and buy the health policy recommended by them. It is advisable to cross check your advisor’s views and if you find that it is not matching your requirement, a prompt change of the health policy or the child health plan should be initiated. It is very important for you to be aware of your health policy; you being the customer should know and ensure that your policy has all the essential features. People in general have the conception that highly featured and costly insurance plan offered by a famous company covers all necessary facets of any insurance which is absolutely not true.

It is important to check all information regarding the health policy like:

  • Premium
  • Complete Coverage
  • Service

So as to avoid the situations like the ones mentioned below :

  • the Premium is so high that you have to struggle paying it,
  • receive a shock to realize that the area you are claiming the insurance for is not covered by the policy or
  • service is so bad that you have to wait for the compensation for years.

Thus, it is more than worth to take time off and understand clearly how insurance policies work and what the various companies are offering you. Under no circumstances should anyone follow an Insurance Agent or a financial advisor blindly. But the irony is that when an overall market research was conducted, it was found that a majority of the people has no clue about their health insurance policy as they get group benefits like insurance plans covering all workers’ health provided by companies in the corporate sector.

It is so because companies buy the insurance plan in a bulk with an aim to cover as many employees as possible, they are more interested in finding out the policy that is more beneficial for the company than the individual. Thus the companies grab the insurance policies without caring to explain anything to the individuals leaving the workers in the dark about their health insurance coverage. This is one reason why most of the people are dumbfounded when asked about their health insurance. If you happen to belong to this category of Insurer you can contact your HR or the insurance company’s helpline to find out the details of your health insurance.

  • The other section of the population of India which is completely unaware of the privileges of health insurance for family is the rural section.They are the poor lot and in extreme need of health coverage, the government has come up with several health insurance schemes for the below poverty line (BPL) population which is not being availed by majority due to lack of awareness