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Health Insurance Cover for Dengue

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Health Insurance Plan for DengueWhen Ms. Mehra residing in south Delhi was struck by dengue last year, she was hospitalized and bed-ridden for over a fortnight, bringing life to a halt. Disease-induced weakness apart, this viral attack also made her realise that the costs of treatment for this vector-borne disease can be exceptionally high for someone like her.

Not many health insurance plans in India cover dengue or provide reasonable cost benefits if they do. Should you consider investing in dengue-specific insurance this monsoon?

Come rainy season, and several thousand cases of dengue and other vector-borne diseases are reported from across the country. This year itself, over 18,700 dengue cases have already been reported in the country so far, according to recent news reports.

While the government claims to be taking measures to check the spread of this and other vector-borne diseases in India by trying to raise awareness of the same through massive campaigns, it is time for you to see where you stand in the protection for you and your loved ones. Have you considered health insurance to tackle this unforeseen but high risk health expense this monsoon?

Symptoms of dengue include fever, headache, muscle and joints pain, skin rashes, nausea – and in extreme cases may cause haemorrhaging leading to death. As it is a virus that causes the disease, antibiotics cannot help making supportive treatment imperative. With rising medical diagnosis and treatment costs, you could do well by securing yourself against the health risk borne out of this disease in the mosquito-breeding season of monsoon.

The Dengue Treatment Costs

Detection of dengue usually involves multiple schedules of blood tests amounting to rather high diagnostic test costs. This could be over a few thousand rupees, at times.

It could involve repeated visits to the doctor’s clinic or the hospital for regular check-ups. This would add to the medical costs as consultation fee.

If dengue tests turn out to be in the positive, hospitalisation of anywhere between a couple of days and about a fortnight may be required. The costs for this could be as expensive as up to 50,000 rupees.

Why Take Dengue Insurance?

The first question to ask here is – whether your current health insurance plan covers dengue. And even if it does, does it really make financial sense to lose your no-claim bonus on a larger health cover for a smaller dengue expense as opposed to a small-premium separate dengue cover?

You are better off with this plan as compared with the regular health insurance covers – which while offering in-patient benefits – may restrict these to the sub-limits and capping mentioned in the plan details.

Also, certain diseases or treatments of these are often restricted to a limited amount of money which makes the policyholder responsible for dispensing the remaining claim. The out-patient benefits are also limited to a certain amount or may even be absent in the regular health insurance policy.

So How do You Benefit Form a Standalone dengue Policy?

A dengue-specific cover would reimburse outpatient billing besides covering inpatient treatment, and do a lot more for you, if and when one is caught with the menace of this disease. So what is on offer? Let us explore a plan on offer in this category:

Apollo Munich Dengue Care Health Insurance

Apollo Munich claims that its’ Dengue Care plan offers coverage against any medical expenses incurred on inpatient or outpatient treatment for dengue. At the time of buying the cover, the company says, only a declaration stating “I do not suffer from dengue” will suffice as the plan doesn’t require the policyholder to undergo any medical test. What are the other salient features to benefit the insured under this cover?

It is Affordable
Coming at a fairly low premium price of 500 to 700 rupees (inclusive of taxes) for an insured sum of up to one lakh rupees, it is surely an affordable dengue health cover plan for the average person. Apollo Munich offers you a choice between an insurance of a sum of 50,000 rupees or one lakh rupees.

Additionally, you benefit from a uniform premium irrespective of the age of the insured.

Short Waiting Period
What is great about this plan is just a fortnight of waiting period since inception of policy. There are no additional waiting periods in this plan.

No Pre-Medical Tests
All you need to do to get this plan in terms of medical health is a self-declaration – along with the proposal form – that you are not infected with the dengue virus. Apart from this, you are not required to undergo any pre-acceptance medical tests.

Does Not Upset Main Health Cover
In any case, if you go for a dengue claim through a dengue cover, even when you own a separate health insurance policy, you can preserve the larger benefits of your regular health plan such as a no-claim bonus. You may further compare this dengue care health insurance plan with other health covers and buy this plan online with

No Sub-Limits
The benefit of a standalone dengue health insurance plan like Apollo Munich offers is the absence of sub-limits (such as restriction on room rent, ICU charges, and so on) apart from there being no co-payment clause either.

Realistic Expense Cover
The plan provides cover for OPD expenses up to 10,000 rupees upon diagnosis of dengue.

It also offers coverage for consultations, diagnostic tests, pharmacy and home nursing for dengue treatment taken at home. Further, it proposes accounting for coverage even for non-medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation, wherever the insured have opted for shared accommodation.

Lifelong Renewal
This cover is renewable through the life term of the insured.

One Plan for All
One dengue care plan would suffice for the entire family since the Apollo Munch Dengue Care Plan lets you insure several family members including adults and children (beginning age 91 days) on an individual sum insured basis for comprehensive dengue cover.

Further, this policy covers persons in the age group of 91 days up to 65 years, the maximum entry age being restricted to 65 years. While the minimum entry age for an adult is 18 years and maximum 65 years, the minimum entry age for children is 91 days and the maximum is 25 years.

So Should You Go For It?

Dengue fever takes a toll on the health and its treatment can prove to be heavy on the pocket. Coverage for both in-patient and out-patient expenses for dengue treatment provided by Apollo Munich in its dengue care plan comes at a very reasonable price. You may go for standalone dengue insurance if your current health insurance policy restricts you with sub-limits or capping that do not accommodate dengue treatment costs. This additional cover would protect you and your family from the life-threatening dengue virus when the need arises.