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Health insurance: Fast Becoming a Necessity

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With doctors’ bills soaring and medications being more expensive than they ever were, Health Insurance is no longer a choice for people with a decent income; it is a necessity. With a reliable health plan up your sleeve, you can stop worrying about expenses related to unexpected circumstances that may need you to be admitted in the hospital for a few days.

Why health insurance is necessary?

Rising pollution levels, sedentary lifestyles, increasing stress levels are making people prone to major diseases, requiring huge medical expenditure. Though medical emergencies do not always warn us, it is better to be prepared for them, at least financially, by getting a health insurance policy. Who should get health insurance?

Health insurance is for all: from the youngest and the most agile of people to those who are older or more vulnerable to frequent hospital visits. A short trip to the doctor can cost you thousands of rupees. Having good health Coverage that guards you against major diseases and medical emergencies, ensures your agony is not aggravated by expenditure related stress.

Get a suitable health insurance plan

Various types of health plans are available on the market making it hard for people to choose the most appropriate healthcare plan. Given below are certain guidelines that will help you buy the smartest health insurance plans:

1)Personal Needs

Apart from affordability of premiums and requirement of basic sums Assured value of a health insurance plan, what determine the fitness of health insurance are personal needs. An insurance that suits a sedentarily working office executive might not be the same that would be best for a construction worker. Same way, older people have different needs than their younger counterparts, so their insurance requirements are different too.

2)Individual versus Family Health Plans

Family always adds value; same goes with health coverage. If you are married, with kids, family insurance plans usually make more sense than individual mediclaims. The overall costs of family health insurance come out to be less than the costs of health insurance for each member separately. The exact variations in cost depend on the company providing the insurance. Check out the exact family plan benefits before you buy one for your family.

3)Analyze Terms and Conditions

If you have decided to buy mediclaim, be prepared to do a lot of research on the various options available on the market. You can compare the price quotes and proposals from different companies, through insurance comparison websites. A thorough analysis of the terms and conditions is absolutely necessary if you want to be saved from unjustifiably high premiums for average health coverage. Going through the terms and conditions of an insurance Policy to check if it provides all the coverage costs that you need is a must too.

4)Keep Track of Renewal Dates

Getting your health plans renewed in time is very important. You may have to pay extra costs as penalty for late renewal. If the renewal date has well passed the specified deadlines, you may also have to buy a new health insurance plan altogether. Health insurance renewals are something that you can certainly not afford to procrastinate.

Explore More Options in Health Related Insurance

Now-a-days add on covers make health insurance more comprehensive. Considering how expensive the services of dentists and ophthalmologists have become, you can take additional coverage like dental cover and vision cover that meets with your specific healthcare need.

Health insurance companies has introduced various optional add on covers along with the basic health plan that enhances the coverage of the policy and hence safeguards you against unforeseen medical emergencies. Let’s take a look at such add on covers:

  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Personal Accidental Cover
  • Maternity and New Born Cover
  • Diabetic Cover

So, before finalizing a health insurance plan, analyze your healthcare needs and decide whether you require a basic health insurance plan or a comprehensive one.