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Health Insurance for Diabetic People

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The diabetes epidemic continues to grow and inflict more people. Diabetes can lead to serious consequences for a patient’s health but when managed well the ill-effects of the disease can be averted.

A normal or a general health plan has a Waiting Period of four years before they would reimburse for Hospitalization caused due to a chronic illness like diabetes. Hence, diabetics are not very happy and feel insecure while enrolling for the general Health Insurance policies.

However, we are now witnessing a change as insurance companies have rolled out diabetic plans that are tailored to suit the health cover needs of diabetes patients. A case in point is the “Energy” Plan rolled out by Apollo Munich which is a health plan for patients with diabetes. This Policy from Apollo Munich covers hospitalization expenses arising due to the conditions of diabetes right from the first year of enrolment. Thus, a diabetes patient can look forward to skip the usual 48 months of waiting period in an ordinary health insurance plan.

The insurance Premium is obviously much higher than an ordinary healthcare insurance plan. However, diabetics can look forward to get some relief on the future premium payments if they are able to maintain their blood sugar levels within the clinical targets. These are referred to as wellness discounts.

As part of the diabetic insurance cover, policyholders are supposed to take some medical tests at any one of the hospitals included in the network of the insurance provider. If the reports indicate that blood sugar levels are well controlled, and other indicators like pulse rate, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and body mass index are as per recommended levels then the patient is eligible for the discount.

Since there are not many companies in the market which offer a health insurance plan that is tailored for diabetics the premium may be unreasonably high. But as more companies launch similar plans we would see the insurance premiums coming down.

Apart from Apollo Munich, ICICI Prudential has also introduced health insurance policy tailored for diabetes patients. ICICI Prudential offers diabetes patients a lump sum payment in case they are diagnosed with any of the six critical illnesses which include:

1.Heart attack


3.Coronary artery bypass surgery

4.End stage renal disease

5.Kidney transplant


To avail the lump sum payment patients need not even produce medical bills or take treatment, all they need to show is a diagnosis of the condition. As part of the cover, the policy also allows patients to take three medical check ups and one doctor consultation entirely free of cost. The medical check ups though free are mandatory under the diabetic plan policy terms.