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Health Insurance for HIV Positive People

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The rising costs of medical treatments have made Health Insurance a must in today’s world. For HIV positive people, choosing the best health plan is even more important. This is especially due to the high Risk and costly treatments that come with HIV. If you or someone you know is affected by this virus, getting the best health plan for your needs should be a top priority.

Why go for a health plan?

Health insurance in India offers a variety of policies to cover such medical expenses as cost of room, treatment, medication and other related services. Some of the best health plans will cover you in case of emergencies so you don’t have to take additional stress at such moments. Insurance companies offer different types of health insurance in India, including individual policies and group health plans.

Heath Insurance in India

With rising awareness about HIV AIDS, health insurance in India is becoming more responsive towards infected people. The National AIDS Control Organization has been working towards getting insurance companies to include people living with HIV (PLHIV) in their health plans. With effect from October 2012, health insurance in India will witness a revolution. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India have issued guidelines for all general and life insurance companies to deliver health plans for People Living with HIV.

Things to know about the IRDA health insurance guidelines:

It would include persons not yet showing symptoms of AIDS but infected by the HIV virus
Health insurance should make provisions for the treatment protocols and time periods for the disease
The health plan should provide clear details on risks which are not covered
Health plans must provide details of loadings at different stages of the diseases

Understanding Loading for HIV health plans

When an Insured party makes a Claim on the insured sum, they might have to bear an increase in Premium at the next renewal. This increase is called Loading. For health insurance in the HIV segment, one may be negative at the beginning of insurance Term but become HIV positive subsequently. In such a case, the best health plan will be one which offers minimum loading against the claim.

Group health insurance in India

Health insurance in India is witnessing a gradual transformation. This is manifested in the country’s first group health insurance for PLHIV. In Karnataka, the first such health plan was launched to cover around 250 people living in 6 highly infected districts of the state. The health insurance offers free medical treatment for HIV infected persons covering treatment costs of up to Rs. 30,000. With such schemes and new regulations, health insurance in India is all set to offer the best health plans encompassing PLHIV.

The best health plan is one that covers you for high risk eventualities. From accidents to critical illnesses, health insurance in India can cover you for various events depending on your needs. Choose the best health plan, whether you are HIV positive or not. In either case, a comprehensive health plan will ensure your medical expenses are covered for the future.