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Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

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Senior citizens face much more health problems as compared to other age groups. The main reason is ageing. Therefore, generally their Health Insurance policies are associated with higher premiums to provide them the best available health insurance cover, when needed.

These days, wide health insurance Policy options are available to senior citizens. Many companies, including the public sector enterprises are also coming up a step ahead to help people above sixty years of age with an array of health insurance cover options. Nowadays, there are companies where the health insurance policy startup age has been set to 70 years and above, till the person is alive. However, a medical examination is a prior requirement for the registration process. Companies have made it mandatory to assess the future medical cover requirements. The most common types of medical test performed for the registration process are eye test, ECG, blood and urine test. 

Health insurance plans are also available for people with Pre-existing diseases. Mainly, the private players have come up with various specific kinds of sum Assured insurance policies. Therefore, people can choose from a list of such plans available. 

Some of the very noteworthy facilities and advantages offered by health insurance companies are: 

  1. Online registration 
  2. Companies earlier used to have a lengthy registration process for insurance registration. The main drawbacks of this process were:

    1. More time consumption
    2. Required more efforts 
    3. Included paper work

    Therefore, old people used to find it quite difficult to complete the registration process. In order to remove the above mentioned anomalies, insurance companies have taken up the technology efficient way of online registration. Now anybody can get registered for a health insurance easily. 

  3. Tax savings 
  4. Health insurance is exempted from taxation slab in most of the countries. People get up to 100 percent tax rebate on this kind of insurance. Hence it's a good way of managing your income tax returns.

  5. 3.Life-long renewal options
  6. Companies providing insurance policies, offer a lifelong renewal option so that a single policy can go-on for years without expiring. Though, the policies have a session expiry date but it could be easily renewed online or offline. Hence, now you don't require buying a new health policy after a certain period of time, instead you can renew your present policy and continue to enjoy the available benefits.

  7. Least entry Premium above 60 years
  8. The premium is generally high for senior citizens due to the age factor. However, senior citizens specifically require a health insurance. Therefore, in a bid to encourage them for the same companies provide low entry premiums above 60 years of age.

  9. Critical ailment cover
  10. These health policies provide complete cover for common disease. However, they also deal with the existing health issues and offer a critical ailment cover, in almost all senior citizen health insurance policies.

  11. Cashless Hospitalization at a number of hospitals.
  12. Health problems may arise at any time and require an immediate supply of money in cash, to pay for the heavy medical bills. However, if you are a senior citizen and have a health insurance, you will be provided with a Cashless Hospitalization at a number of registered hospitals, around your area of residence.

    Apart from the above mentioned benefits, a collaboration of insurance companies with a large chain of hospitals is considered to be the real strength driving their health business. Therefore, they keep on adding new hospitals to their list where you can get a cashless treatment, just by mentioning your health insurance policy provider and other related details.