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Health insurance in Case of Accidents

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Health insurance in case of accidents aims to provide financial security to you and your family in case of an accident. It provides protection against injuries, disability and/or death. Accidental Health Cover provides benefits to you or your beneficiaries. In the event of death, it acts as a life insurance Policy and avail benefits accordingly. This type of insurance is ideal for people who are involved in a work that has high probability of accidents. It not only takes care of your family after you but also provide monitory benefits at the time when you are unfit for work.

Health insurance in case of accidents covers the following:

  • Accidental injury: It covers physical and financial losses incurred because of an accident. It benefits the injured and the family members by providing cover for the loss of monthly income and paying off bills.

  • Hospital care: It provides Coverage for hospital expenses which may not be otherwise considered by your health policy. It also covers the treatment expenses and other medical expenses incurred while in hospital.

  • Disability: As the name suggests, it provides cover in case the Insured gets caught into some kind of disability or paralysis, where a certain part of the body is unfit to function properly due to the accident.

  • Accidental death: It provides cover in case of accidental deaths where the family members may suffer from financial crisis. In case of accidental death, the family gets protection for meeting their daily living expenses. It may even take care of the education of children, in case such benefits are added in the policy by the insured.


Health insurance in case of accidents provides the following benefits:

  • Paying off hospital bills.
  • Treatment expenses in case of severe diagnosis.
  • Transportation expenses incurred for better treatment or superior health care facility.
  • Accident Medical expenses.
  • Educational allowances to dependent children.
  • It covers injury, disability and death caused due to accidents.
  • Arrangement of funerals ( in case of death).
  • It is ideal for people who are into risky jobs which involves high Accident probability.
  • It is ideal for a person who is the sole earning member in the family.


Health insurance claims in case of the following are excluded from its benefits:

  • Self injury or suicide attempt
  • Accident caused under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Criminal offenses
  • An attempt of life threatening sport
  • Any mishaps during pregnancy which leads to miscarriage or problems in childbirth.

Different health plans provide different benefits. Some include cashless facilities and some provide Reimbursement of expenses. This is because individual needs are different. Always opt for a health policy that meets your requirements and provide you maximum benefits