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How Safe is It to Get Health Insurance Online?

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Purchasing medical Health Insurance online can be very tricky. One must not get into a situation where despite being covered by an insurance policy, he/she ends up paying a major portion of the hospital bill. Therefore, it is very important to be cautious before buying a Health Policy online.

One of the drawbacks of purchasing a health insurance policy online is the lack of an advisor - someone who can take you through different policies, explain how each works and which would suit you the best. Hence, the important decision of choosing the right policy solely depends on you. As a result you may have to spend a lot of your time reading and researching each policy, its terms and conditions and its fine print.

Applying for a health insurance policy online can be very personal due to the application form that may contain many personal health related questions. Although, there is a privacy law that protects any information on the application form, people still feel reluctant to apply online fearing identity threat.

Online health insurance companies subject themselves to very strict privacy laws in order to protect the personal information of their clients. Nobody can gain access to a person's medical information and divulge it from the application. In order to access a piece of information, one must be authorized by the company and has to go through several steps and process of authentication before gaining access to information.

Before choosing a health insurance policy, first do an online research about the health insurance policy and the insurance benefits it offers. Check if the company offering the insurance is a legitimate insurer. Go through the policy's terms and conditions. Be very cautious about purchasing a temporary policy since at the end of the specified period you may not be able to renew that plan.

While browsing through policies, do not just pick one based on the premium. Look closely for other hidden charges it comes with, such as a percentage of the cost for doctor visits. Read the fine print in your policy on how much you must first pay before the Insurer begins to pay you. Also, check if it is a single Deductible or multiple deductible, one for each member of the family.

Go through the history of the insurer you are planning to choose. Make sure it has a clean record and insurance is not a new specialty or a sideline business they are introducing.

In most health insurance policies, specific diseases will not be covered in the first year of the policy. Therefore, depending on how urgently you require your policy to cover your medical expense, choose one.s

Lastly and most importantly, if you are buying a policy online, be double sure you do so on an authentic official website like and not fake sites. If needed, call the insurer’s customer care and cross check if the site is genuine.