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How to Choose the Best Affordable Health Insurance Cover?

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We buy Health Insurance as we want to be Assured that in case we ever need to undergo Hospitalization for some illness, we need not compromise on the quality of care or treatment even if we may not be able to afford the same out of pocket. With soaring health care costs it is very important that people have access to affordable health insurance policies that provide them with enough insurance cover against most illnesses or health risks.

There are wide array of health cover policies that are available on the market. One needs to be selective and smart while buying one to cover the probable health risks. Discussed below are few important things you need to keep in mind when buying health cover policy.

Sum Assured and Insurance Premium

One of the important criteria while deciding a health insurance Policy is the sum assured. The Sum Assured has to be enough to cover the cost of treating majority of the illnesses. As the health care costs is rising every year, you also need to consider the future hospitalization cost while deciding the sum assured for your health plan. Be sure that whatever sum assured you choose the insurance Premium amount that you would need to pay should not be a stretch on your finances.

Personal or Family Health Cover

The choice of policy would also depend on whether you intend to get just a personal cover or a health cover for your entire family. If you need to buy insurance cover for your family you have the option of buying individual policies for each family member or instead go for a family floater plan. A Family Floater Plan is a single health insurance policy that will cover all your family members. The sum assured will be shared among the family members. If you are a young family, it is most likely that the cost of a family floater plan would cost you less than buying individual health insurance policies for your family members.


There are additional Riders offered under health insurance plans and many of these are pretty important from the point of view of improving your health coverage. These riders offer various benefits like lump sum benefit in case of Critical Illness and accidental cover. If you think these features would add value to your Coverage do include them in your health plan.


Before signing your Proposal form make sure that you know about the important Exclusions under your policy. Also check whether or not the insurance company from which you are looking to buy a cover is offering a competitive quote. The best way to ensure that you are getting the best deal is to make an online comparison. Insurance comparison websites such as helps you get quotes from different companies for the type of health plan you intend to buy.