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How to Cover Pre-Existing Diseases in Health Insurance?

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Health insurance commonly known as Mediclaim in India, covers expenses made on Hospitalization and treatment due to any ailment, sickness, or accidental injury. In today’s skyrocketing Inflation and vulnerable health status of community, health insurancecompanies are playing vital role by dispersing the cost burden of the customer over a larger number of people and providing financial stability.

When it comes to buying a medical insurance, many buyers who already have certain illnesses face a hurdle in the form of exclusion of Pre-existing illnesses
in the policy.However, as per the fresh directives issued by IRDA, many insurance companies have introduced such mediclaim policiesthat cover pre-existing illnessesas well.
Points to be considered for pre-existing illnesses:

  • The duration of Waiting Period specified in the health insurance.Waiting periods for various illnesses may vary from 11 months to 4 years depending upon the Policy and the illness.
  • Check out for specific conditions that can be covered with additional Premium payment called the loading.
  • The customer must have complete idea of the company’s policy on the illnessesthat are covered and other diseases that are not covered or the policy exclusions.
  • The customers suffering from any specific illness should avoid switching the Insurer at the time of policy renewal. It can turn out to be counter-productive forcing you to undergo the waiting period once more.
  • Always be watchful of the expiry period of the policy cover and the due dates of premium as discontinuation or break in premium payment will restart the policy as well as waiting period.

With ever updating market and competing insurance companies, one should keep informed of what is new and more rewarding in the medical insurance policies for pre-existing illnesses. For instance Diabetes Safe is a new plan offered by Star Health Insurance Company for diabetes care which covers the hospitalization expenses forpre-defined diabetic ailment mentioned in the plan.
This plan covers the following illness:

  • Diabetic retinopathy: The laser treatment done to correct this problem is entirely covered.
  • Diabetic neuropathy: This serious problem sometimes leads to renal failure or kidney failure, which is covered under Diabetes Safe.
  • Diabetic foot ulcer: It requires expensive micro-vascular surgical correction which is now covered by the insurance company.

Now with progressively more insurers in the fray, the scenario has transformed. Being diabetic does not mean that you will have to bear the prospect without any insurance aid. There are companies which are ready to cover diabetes from the onset itself.

In recent past, the phenomenal surge in healthcare costs has brought numerous medical insurance companies into the race as a result of which, mediclaim policies covering the pre-existing illnesses are available for the entire Indian population. With improvement in the Coverage of pre-existing illnesses, the human life feel more secured against the uncertainties and Risk of health problems. Mediclaim policies ensure better access to a quality healthcare. What the customers need to do is to be a little more aware, cautious, and up-to-date while deciding on their choice of policy.