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How Tough, How Easy, Buying Health Insurance Online

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Buying insurance is a critical decision which every one of us has to come across at some point of our life. Our forefathers didn't have all the trouble of insurance policies and Premium deductions from salaries, but insurance is mandatory these days and one possibly couldn't afford to Risk unwanted expense to ruin his peace of mind during a crisis. Investing in a online Health Insurance is indeed a necessity with the growing risks of new diseases and contagious infections.


Health insurances are of many types. Most of the life insurance policies having rider facilities broadly cover medical expenses to some extent. But still there is a necessity for a separate health plan. The reason will be obvious when we classify the health insurances:


This type of health insurance provides cover for all the medical expenses within the Insured amount. Apart from Reimbursement insurance companies offer yearly benefits in some cases which is an added advantage. This classification is further classified into specific types:
Individual medical policy
Family Floater policy
Group mediclaim
Parent health insurance
Women health insurance
Overseas medical insurance


This illness plan covers all the expenses which are not covered in the regular medical insurance. Critical illnesses will involve more claims and more reimbursements per year. This plan requires careful investment and the illnesses covered by each Policy may differ.

Personal Accidental Insurance

This plan provides the accidental Coverage in case of bodily injury or permanent disability or death due to an accident.


Buying insurance has not been easy all the time and is a tedious task which requires attention and analysis. In the age of online shopping you could do more on the internet than you could have ever imagined. Moving with the trend at the right time the insurance companies compete with each other providing easy accessibility and transparent policies to make purchasing easier. Apart from the insurance giants there are other third party consultants with websites that offer you a better view into all the comprehensive plans of different companies so that you can compare and choose the best one for yourself. You can save your money on consultation fees by researching and analyzing requirements all by yourself over the internet.


Usually buying insurance involves a step by step process which guides you through the policy details and filling up of information and making online transaction to buy the plan. The buying of policy isn't a complicated process and you can get it customized by selecting the type of cover you need and the period of the policy. Most of the sites have a premium calculator to give you an estimate of what your premium will be for your customized plan. The features do not end with buying the plan. It will remind you the premium dates through email or text message to your mobile and you can pay the premium by an online transaction and even renew your policy at the end of the tenure. And most importantly you could download Claim forms and pre-authorization forms from your insurer's website.


  • Thorough cost-benefit analysis needs to be done before buying the health insurance plan.
  • Online procedures need attentive responses. Mistakes could have serious implications.
  • At home you might not get expert advice. You are solely responsible for your decision and ensure you make no mistake.
  • Calculate your premiums and make sure you buy a policy that suits your budget