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I have Critical Illness. Now Can I Get a Health Insurance Plan?<

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Prevention is better than cure’. How many times have we heard this saying - Hundreds, thousands or millions? A very common saying and yet we still fall into the trap of not observing such preventative measures and land up in a sticky situation. Take the case of a health insurance policy only. It isn’t until we face the burden of hospital bills that we realize the importance of a Health Insurance policy. Until then we believe that we are young, healthy and nothing is going to happen to us and so a health insurance policy is an added expenditure. Is it? What if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, would you be able to avail of the benefits of a health insurance policy?

Stumped, are you? Do you have the answer to my question? No? I do and the answer would not please you. So, let us start at the beginning:

What is critical illness?

A Critical Illness is an ailment which is, as the name suggests, critical in nature. It adversely affects the health and involves complicated and costly treatments. In most cases the illness always leaves behind a degraded health even after intensive treatments.

Do health plans cover critical illnesses?

Yes, a health insurance plan does cover critical illnesses but there is a catch. The illnesses and their respective treatments are covered only if an illness is diagnosed when you are already covered under a health insurance plan. Buying a new health plan when you are already suffering from or have been already diagnosed with a critical illness is not possible.

So, can’t I buy a health insurance plan now that I have been diagnosed with a critical illness?

Sadly, no. you would not be able to get health coverage after being diagnosed with a critical illness.


Insurance covers risks which are uncertain in nature. Risks which are certain are not covered. When buying a health insurance plan, the insurer promises to shoulder the hospital bills which might incur in case of any medical contingency which is uncertain in nature. When you are suffering from a critical illness and request for a coverage, the Insurer is certain of the associated health risk. Thus, since the Risk is certain, the cover is not granted.

What should I do?

As stated earlier, prevention is better than cure. You should not wait for illnesses to strike before you decide to avail of a health insurance policy. When buying health insurance, the earlier the better. So, you should:

Buy a health plan young

this would also ensure that the applicable waiting period for Pre-existing illnesses would elapse before you actually contract any illness and you can enjoy a comprehensive coverage. The premiums charged at a younger age are also lower while the Coverage granted is comprehensive. Thus, it is a win-win situation for the Policyholder who can enjoy a complete coverage at low premiums if the plan is bought at a younger age.

Ensure an optimal level of coverage –

another important thing to consider is the amount of coverage availed. Given the rising healthcare costs and increasing incidence of ailments, having a sufficient coverage is the call of the day. A small cover is as good as no cover at all since you would ultimately have to pay the extra amount of claim. If affordability is a concern, you can opt for top-up or super top-up plans which aim to increase the coverage at very low premiums and thus take care of the optimal coverage concern

Add a critical illness policy or rider to your health cover –

critical illnesses are becoming very common in today’s lifestyle. The incidence of such illnesses includes huge costs and so it is better to have a separate fund for dealing with such illnesses. Attaching a critical illness rider to your health plan or buying a critical illness health plan, which is very commonly available in the market, is the best bet. The premiums are very low and in case of a critical illness, these plans would shoulder the burden of the bills.

So, the crux of the matter is that you cannot avail of a health plan if you are already suffering from a critical illness. You should have planned in advance. For those who have not yet fallen prey to such illnesses, buy a health plan now. Secure yourself and your family because when the illnesses do rear their head, you would be covered.