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Is Cheapest Health Insurance the Best?

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Health insurance is the protection you buy to ensure Coverage against health related issues. The common coverage from Health Insurance policies includes day care treatment, Pre-existing disease coverage, Hospitalization coverage which takes pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization expenditure into account.

Many of us believe that the cheaper is you buy, the better are your savings, however when it comes to health insurance it is rarely the case. When you are planning to buy health insurance the first thing to consider prior to health insurance Premium is that it should cover all the aspects related to your health and medical treatment related concerns.

Effects of having no health insurance

The cost of quality medical treatment is going up day by day and any unfortunate medical exigency can not only eat up all your savings but also land you in difficult financial crunch. You may be willing to manage general medical expenses; however, it is during tough times when you actually find the need of having health insurance. Cheap health insurance which does not cover your basic requirements is almost like having no health insurance. Therefore, instead of searching for cheap health insurance, one should look for affordable medical insurance.

Affordable medical insurance

Now comes the question, how should one buy health insurance, which provides the requisite level of coverage and yet comes at affordable prices. The first and the foremost factor to consider is your health and the health needs of your family. Just like you reserve some amount of funds for specific things, you need to reserve the amount of fund for the health of your family in the form of health insurance. Once you have the idea of your requirements, you would be able to shop for health insurance accordingly.

Health insurance premium

Then comes, health insurance premium, your focus should not only be your health but also the amount you are going to spend to get the best-possible health coverage. To get the best buy, you need to compare health insurance online and look for the coverage each Insurer is providing. You need not spend a huge amount on health insurance premiums when you and your family are blessed with good health.

It is after comparison when you are able to form an overview regarding your health needs and the amount you should actually spend on the same via health insurance. If you find any of the health insurance quotes within your range of financial means, note it down and inquire whether the plan can be customized according to the individual needs. This way you will be able to find the affordable medical insurance for you and your family as you won’t have to pay for the services you don’t use.

What you need to look for in your health insurance policy?

You can call your insurance Policy a cheaper and an affordable one if it features the coverage levels which meet your requirements under the allocated budget. As stated above, there are various coverage levels you get with purchase of health insurance. Here we have a list of few more covers which are offered by insurance companies in the market in general.

  • Family floater: Buying this plan would cover up to four of your family members into the same health insurance plan.
  • Cashless facility: A facility when you do not need to pay the cash to the hospitals which come under the network of your insurance provider as it is directly settled by your health insurance provider.
  • Hospitalization cash benefits: This facility covers your loss of earnings in case of hospitalization and is calculated on the basis of number of days.
  • No-claim bonus: In case, you do not raise any claims during your completed year of the policy, you are entitled to receive no-claim bonus.

There are many more facilities which are availed to you by your health insurance provider besides the abovementioned covers. Look for those facilities which can add more value to your health insurance plan at reasonable price. Chances of getting cheapest health insurance are very rare and it is worthwhile to buy it only if it meets your coverage needs.