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Is Medical Check-Up Mandatory Before You Buy A Health Policy?

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Many of us feel very happy to read the Health Insurance advertisement that states- “no medical check-up required”. But you need to ask yourself, is it worth to buy a health insurance Policy without your medical history. After all, it is all because of your health requirements that you want to acquire the health policy. If you do not consider your medical history, there is no use of buying health policy.

Do not get allured by “no medical check-up required” statement

The reason why health insurers are not asking for medical check-up is that they want to attract maximum number of customers to buy health policy from them. Even if they state that they do not require medical tests to be done, they will ask you to fill out various details related to your health on your medical health insurance form. High cholesterol level, diabetes and thyroid are some common diseases many people are suffering from. Besides these health conditions, there are many more in the list the people may be suffering from.

If you are not asked for medical check-up, possible chances are there that you are involved in the category of “may have any disease” by the health insurers. And for the same reason, you are charged the higher amount of insurance Premium as compared to those who had medical check-up done before acquiring the health policy.

Dis-advantages of not disclosing the health condition

On the other way round, many people try to take advantage when insurers do not ask for medical check-up. They simply do not disclose their health condition on their application form and assume that they will be charged low premium. But they do not understand the repercussions of not disclosing their health condition. May be initially they are not charged high insurance premium, but later on when their health Insurer comes to know about that, they may be denied to get any insurance benefits and all their claims get rejected. Furthermore, the health insurance company may cancel their policy and the insurance premium amount paid by the Insured merely goes waste.

Advantages of getting medical check-up done before acquiring health insurance cover

No irrational premium rates

Do not worry if you think you will be charged higher premium because of your health condition. Health insurance premium is calculated on the basis of your existing health condition and you will have to pay what other insured people are paying for the same health condition. The positive side is your premium rate will not be declared irrationally.

Best health treatment

Moreover, when your insurance company knows every detail about your health, you will be given the best health treatment possible according to your condition. You do not need to run here and there to avail the best health services, instead just a phone call will make every required arrangement.

No rejection

Since you are honest regarding your medical condition and have proofs supporting that in the form of medical reports, your health insurance company does not have any base to reject your insurance claims.

Buying health insurance cover without any medical check-up may appeal you as it is convenient at the initial phase. However, if you consider its consequences, you may not at all prefer to acquire the health policy without getting medical tests done. Keep insurance benefits apart, if you get medical tests done, you will be able to know how healthy you are and you will be able to take informed decisions on time.