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My Options for Increasing My Health Cover

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It is quite possible that you weren't Insured since your childhood, and you might have seen all through that your parents paid for your family's medical expenses quite comfortably. In earlier days, health services belonged to the government sector and hence were very subsidized, but now health services fall in the private domain which makes them very costly. Health Services, today, are out of reach for most of the people. So what is needed is an adequate health cover that will cushion you against exorbitant medical expenses. You can find various types of options when it comes to health insurance.

These insurances are tailor made for various situations and should be taken for those specific purposes only. For instance, if you think that your teeth are not in the best position and are going to create trouble for you in the near future, then it will be better for you to opt for a Health Insurance that takes care of dental treatment expenses. Whereas, if you are travelling to another country the best option for you would be to opt for travel health insurance cover. It is important to choose the appropriate insurance in order to get the maximum Coverage failing which you might get only the minimum or no health cover at all.

When it comes to health insurance one of the most important features to be added to it, is the Critical Illness factor. Most of the health insurances generally do not cover the critical illness aspect at all, about which most insured are generally not aware. It is only when some critical illness gets diagnosed that the insured realize what actually is missing from his health insurance Policy and in such a scenario the insured gets only partial or no health cover at all.

You can thus focus on ensuring that you have critical illness covered before buying the health insurance. If your base insurance policy does not cover critical illness then it is important that you take top up health insurance for critical illness. If you are covered by the critical illness insurance then on diagnosis of any such condition you may be offered a sum of money which can be used for medical treatment and to meet daily expenses while you are unable to attend your regular work. It is a very sensible add-on for the regular health insurance.

The critical illness insurance be it a top- up health insurance or part of your basic insurance package ,pays almost 110% of the maximum benefit of the plan for almost all critical medical conditions. So if you are genetically predisposed to any of the diseases like heart attack, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, kidney failure, blindness and deafness it is highly recommended that you increase your insurance by adding the critical illness factor. If it applies to you, then you can also take advantage of 25 percent of the highest benefit amount which is paid by insurance plan for various other conditions like bypass surgery, first coronary angioplasty and for specific type of cancers.

There are several effective ways you can adopt for increasing your health insurance cover, they are as discussed below.

Online purchase:

In order to maximize your top up benefits it is advisable to buy the health insurance online after several comparisons. There are several companies offering health cover and you can know about them online. You can google out the companies offering the best health insurance plans, visit their websites, read their offers and choose the one that offers you the maximum health cover or is open to future increase of health cover without too many conditions attached to the policy.

Take advantage of high competition:

With general awareness of health and its insurance the demand has increased many folds. As a result many companies have come up with various schemes of health insurance, critical illness insurances and top up health insurance. You can take advantage of the stiff competition among the insurance companies and negotiate a higher insurance cover at a low premium.