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Options to Increase Health Insurance Cover

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You bought a Health Insurance plan for you or your entire family years back when you were young and had kids under age five or so. It provided you basic cover to protect against medical contingencies arising from medical tests, treatment services, and drugs and may be Hospitalization charges too. And today say after 10 to 12 years, you and your family’s health requirements have changed significantly. And now, you want to buy another health insurance plan, right?

Other than this, many more situations like this arise when many of us want to buy another health plan. However, the factor to bear in mind is that buying another health insurance plan would make you dispense additional amount in the form of health insurance premium. Managing Premium amount for two health insurance policies might be a tricky thing to do and disrupt your financial budget too.

On the contrary, if you continue with the same health insurance plan, your health insurance premium will increase nominally and you will be able to get additional Coverage under same health insurance plan. Moreover, you do not have to face the hassles of managing two or more health policies at the same time. However, the increased cost will depend on the type and the number of options you choose to add to your basic health insurance policy.

Here we have a list of optional covers that you can add to your health insurance plan to make it a comprehensive one or a plan customized as per your needs:

Family floater

If you have a Policy that provides individual health insurance cover, you can upgrade it to Family Floater Plan to extend the protection from just one person to entire family. This plan works well if the number of family members is limited to four preferably two adults and two kids.

Maternity cover

Generally, cheap health insurance for individuals do not cover maternity expenses, but if you want you can buy a maternity rider as an optional cover to enhance your health insurance cover.

Dental cover

Dental treatments are considered as one of the highest expenses related to health and if you add this cover to your individual health package in return of nominal amount, you would be able to save a good amount of cash on your dental care.

Optical cover

If you use contact lenses or glasses and you also need to go for regular eye check ups, you can add this benefit to get a part of expenses reimbursed or fully as per your specific plan.

Critical illness cover

Normally, people buy Critical Illness health insurance plan separately in case of any need as it is entirely a different protection plan from other health packages. Nonetheless, due to the increasing competition amongst the insurers, Riders for the same are also available at additional cost.

Personal Accident and permanent disability

These two options can also be chosen as part of health insurance cover. Some insurers may already be providing them under same policy. If not, you can always ask to add one or both of these benefits to your policy.

Getting a cheap health insurance policy with less than required health coverage is of no use. Even if you have bought one, you always have the choice to upgrade your health insurance plan by adding top ups described above. Furthermore, if you acquired health insurance cover in return of relatively higher health insurance premium, by adding top ups to it, you can make it a cheap health insurance plan.