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pays for your hospital bills for diagnostics, surgery etc.

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Steps to File a Health Claim

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Conventional wisdom dictates that work that is done systematically gets done better, easier, and faster. This is especially applicable to long and possibly tedious procedures like filing a health claim.

If you are looking at steps involved in health insurance claims, the following aspects may make you tick the boxes. Step

1: Organize your bills

It is necessary to maintain a file of an itemized and chronological record of receipts or bills for the treatment that needs to be insured. This may include all services provided by the doctor during the course of treatment, including investigation reports and discharge summaries.

Step 2: Fill the Claim form

Ask for an insurance claim form from the insurance company. This would involve filling up details such as Health Insurance cover, purpose of claim, and personal details as well as authorized signature. Medical documents (mentioned in Step 1), Policy documents, identity proof and a medical certificate from the doctor would also have to be submitted with the form.

Step 3: Make copies of the original

Since original documents are submitted to make the health claim, keep a copy of every submitted document is crucial. It is always good to have a backup in case the original documents are lost or misplaced.

Step 4: Review and submit the form

The form along with the documents can be reviewed with the insurance company to check for loopholes before submitting it. Just make it a point to check the date of claim, the kind of policy cover and the time of payment before it is finally handed over to the company.