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Student Medical Insurance

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In recent times, almost half of the students are paving their way to study abroad. This of course, has many benefits. Students are able to widen their career scope while expanding their educational aptitude.

However, in foreign land, the student may have to face various issues and taking care of each and everything becomes even more challenging when the person is all alone without family’s support. And here, Travel Insurance comes into the scene to help out the student to cope up with the difficult situations. And due to the same reason, now it has become important for students to have travel insurance before entering into the premises of the universities.

Importance of Health Insurance in foreign city

In certain countries, there is facility of the National Health Service available to students coming from other countries. But not necessarily every facility related to health insurance is available to non-residents of that country. Therefore, it is very important that the student carries adequate health Coverage either from his own country or buy health insurance from the country where he has gone to pursue further studies.

Mostly, students prefer to buy Policy from their home country at reasonable rates instead of buying the same service against much higher insurance Premium rates in foreign country. On the opposite side, there are places where students are not allowed to bring health policy from their native place. For that reason, always check the rules and regulations of specific country before taking admission there.

Insurance riders

Besides gaining knowledge in their subject, there are so many things a student can do abroad to broaden their perspective related to life. So, it is not just confined to education but avenue is far wider. And, in the process, there are so many hassles a student can come across. This may include losing luggage, visa or cash cards. Or trouble can come when student gets into conflicting situation with the law of foreign country.

Therefore, insurance companies in India do provide non-medical coverages in addition to health cover to students going abroad. For instance, air-tickets of closer family member are reimbursed in case the student is hospitalised for seven consecutive days. Sometimes, the student has paid the tuition fee partially or fully and if he is not able to study further due to his own personal benevolent reasons, remaining amount is reimbursed up to a specific level. Or sometimes, the sponsor of the student’s tuition fee who in most of the cases is parent of the student is no more or is disabled to provide the tuition fee further; the Insurer is reimbursing the rest of the amount of fee. All the above non-medical benefits and even more are available to students in form of Riders to students which they can add to their basic policy. This will definitely increase the amount of sum Assured but it totally depends on student to choose his coverage level.

Apart from this, there are so many health insurance benefits which the student can avail while buying student travel insurance. At the time of buying the policy, students should ask regarding the entire know-how of raising the mediclaim, since this can cause problem if the student is not aware of the exact process. An important point to be kept in mind is that one should always search for the best online health insurance and travel plans and compare health insurance coverages of various companies before signing the documents.