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Student overseas insurance-what does it cover?

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Most foreign universities make it mandatory for the students to have insurance specifically health insurance. The student must have an international Health Insurance at the time of enrollment at the college or the university. Besides universities making it mandatory, it is also important because the medical costs in foreign countries are very high and the family far off. It is only practical to have the child comprehensively covered when away.

Although one can buy medical insurance at the destination through the university, the cost of this is much higher than what you pay for international medical insurance taken in India. The insurance companies in India have designed the products such that they comply with the basic requirements of the universities. They also cover aspects other than medical insurance as well. If the student already has insurances complying with the university requirements, mandatory insurance at the time of insurance is waived off.

What does a Travel Insurance plan for students cover?

Medical Insurance –

Students are covered for any emergencies resulting from emergency resulting from Accident or sickness. Medical evacuation and Repatriation are also covered.

Accidental death and dismemberment –

the student is also covered for accidental death or disability due to accident while traveling in a common carrier during the journey.

Reimbursement of tuition fees –

if the studies are interrupted to need to be left due to medical conditions and Hospitalization due to injury, sickness or death of parents, the tuition fees subject to the maximum limit mentioned in the Policy is reimbursed.

Compassionate visit –

if the Insured is hospitalized for more than the minimum days mentioned in the policy, the travel costs of one of the parents or close relatives are reimbursed.

Bail expenses –

if the student is arrested due to reasons not excluded in the policy, the insurance company pays the bail of the student as well. Often assistance regarding hiring an attorney for the purpose is also provided.

Besides these, the regular travel insurance aspects may also be covered depending upon the type of policy. These may include trip cancellation and delays, baggage loss and delay, loss of passport, emergency cash and advances, loss of passport and personal liability.

Often sponsor insurance, mental and nervous disorders maternity benefits, cancer screening and 24X7 emergency assistance are also included depending upon the type of policy and the requirement of the educational institute.

The national or public health schemes of destination countries may be mandatory even after buying student overseas insurance from India but the cover provided through such schemes is generally very limited.