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Tips for Buying Health Insurance

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  • Have you considered your own conditions?
  • Have you shopped around and compared?
  • Have you checked the benefits?
  • Have you compared benefits with costs?

Health is the most important aspect of life, a fact that people discover after they have lost much of it in pursuit of wealth. However, it need not be so in all cases for people who are health conscious or in the case of those who make it a point to invest in their health, with health insurance. Medical insurance is not just a Policy that people take to earmark for the unexpected but is a reflection of the attitude that they display towards health issues. Mediclaim is designed to take care of your standard Hospitalization expenses when you develop health conditions covered by your health insurance. Most importantly, Health Insurance safeguards you at the time of unforeseen medical emergencies.

So, what do you need to know before you go in for your health cover? And what would help you get family health insurance without having to undergo the stress and strains of finding the medical insurance of your choice?

What do you need? That is the question that you need to ask yourself, as you try to figure out which medical insurance is good for you. There is nothing like the best in health insurance. Mediclaim is all about what suits you the best, and you are in the best position to know what you need. What are your unique circumstances? Is your family member in need of special care? Are you looking at extending your family shortly? Would you be making a move abroad in the days to come? Think through your personal circumstances and see what kind of health cover would make you happy.

Where do you find health insurance? That’s the next question that you would have to address. There may be different providers of family health insurance and you need to have a comparative idea of what is on offer from the different service providers in health insurance. You may want to get quotes from different organizations in the health cover business and see which ones would suit your own circumstances. And with the power of the internet, it is never too difficult to go for comparisons that help you make the right decisions.

What is on offer? Now, that is the key when it comes to anything related to health insurance, family health insurance or medical insurance. You would not want to pay for a product that doesn’t do much when it comes to the actual situation. You would have to ensure that you have read the fine print in any policy that offers mediclaim and be sure of the kind of Exclusions that may be in some of the clauses attached. You may, for instance, want to check if your health insurance provides Coverage for preventive care, if dental care is included in the medical insurance, if you could benefit from coverage of Pre-existing conditions, or if there are any minimum number of hours or days in terms of hospitalization and so on. Health cover is all about what is actually being covered and what is excluded in the process.

What does it cost? While the question may seem straightforward, the answer is not. You may not be able to make the most of your health insurance if you focussed on cost alone. You may get medical insurance that is low on Premium but high on exclusions and out-of-pocket expenses. And in the long run, you may realize that what you save on premiums may be far less than what you end up spending on medical expenses on account of the clauses involved in mediclaim.