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Tips to Find the Best Health Policy Based On Your Need and Budget

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You must be very watchful about maintaining good health always. However, even after our best efforts we may fall ill sometimes and may even require hospitalization. You may get the best medical care but the finances may be a cause for concern. With a good Health Insurance policy, you and your family can get the best treatment you need. You can get this facility at the best hospitals in your city or anywhere else in the country, and the finances will also be provided.

It is therefore imperative that you buy a good health care Policy only after you are sure of the various benefits it offers. There is no ideal, complete and best health policy for each and every individual. The health conditions and the Hospitalization circumstances are different for everyone. Also, your financial situation will be different. You must therefore get a Mediclaim policy that you can use to get the best treatment and one that you can manage within your budget too.

How to Find a Good Health Policy

There are various factors to consider while selecting a health insurance policy. In order to help you decide on the best options, here are a few factors that you must consider:

1. Compare the policy prices

You must first compare the prices of various policies, from different insurers. There are various health policies for the same need but the costs will vary. Aggregator sites and portals like can be a good place to help you compare and purchase policies easily.

2. Buy Family Floater plans

If you buy a family floater policy, you can buy cover for 3-4 persons in your family instead of you alone, as in an individual policy. The cost will be only marginally higher but the benefits are much higher. Even if one or two members of the family are hospitalized in a year, there will be substantial amount of money left over to cover the others.

3. Pre-existing Diseases

Some health insurance policies offer you the facility of covering pre-existing diseases after a few years of continuously renewing the original policy. This scheme is especially useful for those who have developed diseases like hypertension, diabetics etc in their young age.

4. Cashless Hospitalization

Health insurance company lets you get hospitalized without disturbing you about the financial aspects. The financial aspects will be taken care of by the insurance company, either in part or in full

5. Added Benefits

With the health insurance policy, you get no Claim Bonus if the person covered has not availed of any mediclaim benefits in the previous year. Also, many insurance policies pay for ambulance charges and similar facilities on the additional premium. You must go for a health policy that provides you with value added benefits.

You must therefore compare and study various policies in detail before you buy one. A policy that will get you the best medical facilities within your budget is the best health policy for you.