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Health Insurance
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Health Insurance

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Reliance Health Insurance Plans

Reliance Insurance Company Ltd

Reliance General Insurance Company Limited has been a yardstick for support, help, loyalty and easy access. It offers an array of insurance products in motor insurance, home insurance, travel insurance and health insurance. The most beneficial aspect of this company is its widespread availability across the country. It also supports customer queries 24X7 through its customer service and website.

They strive to be the best in every arena, not through words but through their actions. That is the reason why they have received a number of prestigious awards such as Risk Management Provider (2013) at Global Awards for Risk and Council of India for Quality -D.L. Shah Awards for Quality 2014 Award for Commendation for financial services.

About Reliance Health Insurance Product

Think healthy. Eat healthy. Drink healthy. Be healthy. This should be the motto of our life. With increasing rates of food adulterations, the present generation lacks the taste as well as the goodness of pure food and drinks.

This poor quality of food is creating adverse effects in our body making us more susceptible to diseases. No one can guarantee of his/her well-being. Illness related emergencies have become commonplace nowadays.


The company provides quite a number of options under health insurance plans that one can opt for, according to their requirement. The plan is briefly described as follows:

Reliance Health Gain Insurance


  • Best option for unknown illness
  • No age limit
  • Sum insured is Rs. 3 Lakhs
  • The policyholder is provided with an option of increasing the amount of sum insured to Rs. 6 Lakhs and Rs. 9 Lakhs
  • Covers immediate and extended family members in case of an individual insurance
  • Option for lifelong renewal of policy
  • Offers cashless hospitalisation to more than 4000 network hospitals across India
  • Easy and customisable Senior Citizen Health Plan to avail maximum benefits in the market


  • Hassle-free procedure as it follows online insurance cover
  • Renew your policy online in easy to follow steps
  • Applicable both for individual and family, the latter including spouse and two children
  • Covers the cost suffered due to hospitalisation and other medical aids
  • Covers domiciliary treatment
  • Covers day-care treatment and other treatments incurred on the same day and do not require a night stay
  • No medical check-ups required till 45 years of age

Reliance Critical Illness Insurance:

  • Only covers specific critical diseases
  • Entry age is between 18 to 65 years
  • Offers the policyholder with lifelong renewability
  • No medical check-ups required till 45 years of age
  • Provides a multitude of options for the amount of sum insured: Rs. 5 Lakhs, 7 Lakhs, 10 Lakhs, 15 Lakhs, 20 Lakhs

Additional Benefits:

Apart from the benefits mentioned above some of the other advantages of this policy are given as follows:

  • The plan offers a special discount of 5% for a single woman or a girl child
  • The present plan involuntarily gets extended by one year in the case of a ‘named critical illness’
  • A single plan provides two kinds of policies that prove to be highly advantageous for the customers
  • Hospitalisation charges, pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses, patient treatment charges and day-care charges up to 60 days are covered
  • Wellness benefit
  • Ambulance cover of up to Rs. 3000
  • Avail tax deductions for up to Rs. 60,000 under the section 80D of Income Tax Law
  • 24X7 toll-free customer care numbers with well-informed executives to handle all and any kind of queries


  • The coverage of the Health Insurance Policy in totality is given as follows:
  • In case of organ donation or transplantation, the amount is covered by the policy up to a maximum Rs. 5 Lakhs
  • If due to certain unavoidable circumstances the sum assured is exhausted, it is refilled without extra charges
  • The policy offers a unique feature of cumulative bonus that is around 33.33% of the basic sum insured with no additional charges
  • The policy offers a huge number of deals and discounts to its customers which count to around 28. Some of them are listed as follows:
  1. Discount of 25% on investigation at Metropolis
  2. Discount of 20% on investigation at Vijaya Diagnostics
  3. Discount of 20% on tests at Dr. Jariwala laboratory
  4. Discount of 25% on examination at Nahar Centre
  5. Discount of 20% on services at Basil Salon and Spa
  6. Discount of 15% in case of treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic and 10% off on its products
  7. You can get an amazing discount up to 50% if you undergo treatment and take spa services from Birla Kerala Vaidyashala
  8. Discount of 40% if you become a member of Fitness One
  9. You can get a discount of 20% on Pathology and Imaging at SRL Diagnostics


As we have looked into the details of the inclusions of the policy, it is very necessary for the customers to know and be aware of the exclusions of the policy. This will not only create a clearer picture of the policy in the minds of the customers but also help to make the procedures more transparent. The exclusions are listed below:

  • While making claims for any medical expenses, it is to be remembered that the starting day is not covered, unless it is a case of physical injury.
  • Few illnesses and operations have a waiting period of two years from the starting date of the plan such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacement surgery, cataract, surgery of internal tumours, skin tumours, polyps, cysts, benign breast lumps and kidney, gall bladder and uterine stone
  • The diseases that are permanently excluded from the list of critical illness are intentional self-injury, injury suffered due to effects of drugs or alcohol, AIDS and STDs, congenital diseases, charges of spectacles or contact lenses or hearing aid, dental treatment and surgery, treatment of mental illness, non-allopathic treatments, self-medication and unproven treatments

How to File a Claim?

We are often afraid of the long process of documentation and other lengthy methods that other insurers require when filing a claim. But, the technique which Reliance General HIC Ltd. follows is very easy and quick. It provides two facilities, namely, cashless and reimbursement facility.

Cashless Facility

  • Get admitted into any network hospitals
  • Show the Reliance health card
  • Fill up the ‘Cashless Request Form’ along with mentioned documents
  • Post authorisation from the hospital, sign all the bills and leave the original documents with the hospital. Make a photocopy of the same as your personal record

Reimbursement Facility:

  • Get admitted into any hospital, not necessarily a network hospital
  • Fully pay the hospital bills and other expenses
  • During discharge get the original bills, documents and other reports
  • To get reimbursement file a claim with Reliance Health Care

Documents to be kept Handy:

With such complication-free procedures and methods we can now easily keep everything related to health and health insurance at our fingertips:

  • Policy number
  • Contact details of the insured individual
  • Name of insured
  • Relationship with the person hospitalised
  • Hospital name
  • Details of illness
  • Details of accident (date, time, location)