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Health Insurance
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Health Insurance

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Star Health and Allied Insurance Plans

Star Health And Allied Insurance Company

Star Health And Allied Insurance was founded in the year 2006 and the headquarters of the leading health insurance company in India is based in Chennai. The insurance company is a result of a financial joint venture in which the participating firms are ICICI, Tata Capital, Sequoia Capital, Oman Insurance Company and Alpha TC Holdings. The financial strength and base of the company are approx. INR 1050 crores. The products of the company include health insurance, personal accident insurance, and the overseas mediclaim policy. The standalone company offers “hassle free” claim settlement process and facilities and deals with its customer base directly, factors that contribute towards its popularity.

Awards and Recognitions

The company has been able to achieve immense recognition and is widely appreciated for its products and services. It received the Health Excellence Award’s "Most Promising Health Insurance Company Award" (the year 2014), the Indian Insurance Award's “Best Claims Service Company Award" (the year 2014) and the Indian Insurance Award’s “Health Insurance Company of the year Award" (the year 2015).

The unique features of the Star Health Settlement Policies include

  • Easy, fast and “hassle free” settlements
  • A vast network of more than 7000 hospitals where you can settle the health claims cashless
  • Approximately 300 offices located in different parts of India
  • A personal doctor visit for each policy buyer

Financial Aspects of Star Health and Allied Insurance Company

Star Health and Allied Insurance has been registering an exponential growth increase year after year, and today enjoys a strong financial status and reputation.

  • The company earned a net premium of 10, 179, 295,000 in the financial year 2014-15.
  • It had a profit of approximately INR 15, 223,000 in the financial year 2014-15.
  • The company distributed a sum of INR 6,510,591,000 towards claim settlement and has a positive reputation in India, known as a customer-friendly company.

Star Health And Allied Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance offers Indian customers a comprehensive and wide range of health insurance products, in various categories. Below are the health insurance policies sold by the company.

Health Insurance for Individuals

The policy has been tailor-made to cover the health conditions faced by Indian consumers. It covers many different kinds of illness and injuries and also offers financial protection towards emergency health care. Star health insurance premium payment is quite affordable here as there are a plethora of sum insured options available.

It highlights include

  • Cover for the day-care procedures for up to 400 days
  • Restoration of the sum insured once it gets exhausted
  • No cap towards treatment and room rent
  • A free "health check-up"
  • Daily cash for out-of-pocket expenses
  • NCB or No Claim Benefit for up to 100%

Health Insurance for Families

Star health insurance provides affordable insurance policies and plans that can be bought in order to insure the health of all family members, including spouse and children. The highlights of the family insurance plan of the company include

  • Automatic restoration of the sum insured once it gets exhausted
  • Free health check-up for those insured
  • Day-care procedures for up to 400 days are fully insured
  • A personal accident cover for all those insured. Coverage is extended to include the permanent total disabilities and death.
  • NCB or No Claim Benefit so that sum insured increases by 100% at the time of renewal.

Health Insurance for The Senior Citizens

It goes without saying that the senior citizens suffer more from illnesses and are also more prone to injuries. The Senior Citizen Health insurance plan from Star Health Insurance provides relief to those who are above 60 years of age and helps them to take good care of health and achieve the benefit of world-class treatments by only spending marginally.

Highlights of the policy include

  • No medical test is required prior to buying the insurance policy.
  • All pre-existing diseases are covered from the first year itself.
  • All policy renewals after the second year of policy purchase are guaranteed.

The "Accidental Care" Health Insurance Policy

The Accidental Care health insurance helps the individuals face the injuries and illnesses with better financial security

  • The highlights of this policy are
  • An education sum is insured for all the dependent children
  • Cover towards temporary and permanent disabilities, and death
  • The policy buyer gets a bonus of %% on each renewal (can go up to a maximum of 50%)
  • Permanent disability cases are given 150% of the sum insured
  • Weekly compensation amount that can be up to INR 15, 000 for each week of hospitalization (up to 100 weeks)

The “Overseas Travel” Health Insurance Policy

Overseas travel is getting more and more common. People today live to explore new destinations during their holidays, globalization makes foreign travel necessary for corporates and students search for best educational institutes for higher education, no matter where they are located. The Star Health and Allied Insurance Company has multiple policies to suit the needs and wishes of different traveler segments when they choose to buy an insurance policy. The Overseas Travel policies of the company include

  • tar Travel Protect Insurance Policy: for individuals
  • Star Corporate Travel Protect insurance Policy: for the business and professional travelers
  • Star student Travel Protect Insurance Policy: for students These ‘Overseas Travel” policies offer coverage towards:
  • The emergency medical expenses that the traveler incurs while traveling
  • The expenses involved with the dental expenses
  • Expenses involved towards the loss of the checked-in baggage, delay in receiving the baggage, cancellation of trip, passport loss due to theft, delay in the flight schedule and missed connection/departure
  • A hijack distress allowance
  • A personal accident cover
  • Legal liabilities including damage to property and the body injuries that relate to the 3rd parties

Star Mediclaim policy status is available online itself so that you can renew it anytime you wish.

Other Health Policies of Star Health Insurance

Star Health Insurance also offers many other plans that are designed to serve special purposes and these can be availed by both individuals and families. Some of these include

  • The Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy : A policy made just for those suffering from diabetes.
  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy: A policy tailor-made for those suffering from heart and the cardiovascular system related diseases.
  • The Star Wedding Gift Insurance: A policy that can be gifted to a couple. It has a unique new-born baby cover.
  • Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy: Policy that covers 9 different critical illnesses including cancer and stroke among others.

Coverage towards

  • Accidental hospitalization expenses
  • Convalescence expenses
  • Critical illnesses
  • Child-birth benefits
  • Health check-up expenses
  • ICU benefits
  • Optional personal accident benefit
  • Parental accommodation benefit
  • Hospital cash benefit (for a period of up to 180 days)

Major Exclusions

The major exclusions of the Royal Sundaram Smart Cash health insurance policy include

  • Pre-existing diseases, venereal/congenital/ self-injury or suicide
  • Hospitalization towards diagnostic or evaluation purposes
  • Preventative and routine examinations, screening and vaccinations
  • Psychiatric, mental/nervous disorders, and insanity
  • Hazardous sports and activities participation
  • War, invasion, foreign enemy act, rebellion, mutiny and others

Entry age and Exit age

The entry age of the policy is 18 years. There is no exit age.