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Health Insurance
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Health Insurance

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United India Health Insurance Plans

United India Insurance Company Ltd

United India Insurance Co. Ltd. or UIIC Ltd. was set up way back in 1938 before the insurance sector was nationalized. After nationalization of the general insurance sector in 1972 the company was merged with other insurance entities, and the entire merged group retained the same name of UIIC Ltd. The merged insurance sector entities included twelve insurance companies of India, five Indian divisions of overseas insurance companies, four Cooperative insurance entities and LIC’s south Indian general insurance setups.

At present UIIC Ltd. has 1340 offices all over India and over 18300 employees. UIIC Ltd. covers the entire spectrum of insurance products and provides insurance solutions ranging from grassroots to space setups. The insurance company has been recognized and received several accolades and prestigious awards for its innovative insurance solution products.

UIIC has been able to design and successfully deliver complicated insurance solutions to large conglomerates including ONGC, Hyderabad and Mumbai international airports and Tirupathi religious center. The insurance conglomerate has established more than 2000 micro outlets in tier II and III towns and villages for addressing rural and micro insurance needs.

UIIC Ltd. Health Insurance

UIIC Ltd offers health insurance to individual as well as group plans, health insurance cover by the company includes

Individual and family medical cover (Individual Mediclaim and Family Medicare): Proposer can propose a policy for own self or can also opt for family cover. The proposer needs to be between 18-30 (35 years for the sole platinum plan) years of age and if both parents are covered, then children between 3 months and 18 years can be covered under a single sum insured plan or separate sum insured plan for each member. Proposer can seek sum assured cover between 1 to 10 lakhs, in multiples of half lakh up to 5 lakhs and in multiples of 1 lakh above five lakhs up to 10 lakhs.

Gold family cover policy: Proposer can be between 36 to 60 years if both parents are covered children in the age group of 3 months to 18 years can be covered under the policy. Sum assured is Rs 1 to Rs 5 lakhs in multiples of half lakhs.

Senior Citizen Medical cover: Proposer can be within the age group of 61 to 80 years, and cover can be continued beyond 80 years if policies have been renewed without any discontinuations. Sum insured is Rs 1 to 3 lakhs in multiples of half lakhs.

Critical illnesses cover (UNI Criticare): sum assured varies, can be 1 lakh, 3 lakh, 5 lakh and 10 lakh. Proposer can be between the age group of 21 to 65 years

Workman medical cover (Workmen Medicare Policy): Sum assured can be Rs 50,000, Rs 1, 00,000 and Rs 1, 50,000. Provides cover for accidents during work. Policy can be taken up by owners as group policy for their workmen.

Individual and family floater top up health cover plans (Top up and Super Top-up): with top-up plans individuals and family groups can increase the threshold of their present health cover amounts of any health policy. Age of proposer should be between 18 to 80 years and children within the age group of 3 months to 18 years can be covered. Super top up plan variant provides extra cover features.

UIIC Ltd. Health Insurance Policy Kit

UIIC Ltd health insurance policyholders are provided with a complete policy kit which comprises

  • The health policy document which mentions
    • Details of members (age, name)
    • Details of policy (sum assured, tenure, to up)
    • Policy numbers and member ids of members
    • Terms and conditions
    • Features and benefits
    • Inclusions and Exclusions
  • List of region wise third party administrators (TPAs)
  • List of important numbers and toll-free emergency numbers
  • List of networked hospitals
  • Policy cards of all members

It is advisable for policyholders to always carry their health cards and emergency contact numbers and a list of networked hospitals whenever outdoors.

UIIC Ltd. Health Insurance Policy Cooling Period

The company provides a cooling period of 15 days to all policy subscribers. During this period subscribers can read the entire policy document and go through all the details. If the subscriber is not satisfied with one or more provisions or terms and conditions of the policy, then the policy may be returned to UIIC Ltd. within the provided cooling period after that the policy shall stand cancelled. Policies not returned within the cooling period would be deemed to have been accepted, and subscribers shall thenceforth be regarded as policyholders of the company.

UIIC Ltd. Health Policy Premiums

UIIC health policy premiums can be calculated online. On the main webpage quote form can be accessed by clicking on the health insurance tab. On the format that appears relevant details pertaining to the sum assured, the number of members, details of members (age, gender and other details), the tenure of policy and other pertinent basic information need to be provided to obtain the premium quote. The premiums work out to be minimal as compared to the cover benefits provided.

For guidance related to insurance products, customer assistance at helpline numbers can also be availed.

UIIC Ltd. Health Policy Claim Process

Claims can be raised with concerned TPAs as mentioned in the policy document for all planned and emergency health and medical conditions as covered by the policy. As soon as the need for covered care arises the policyholder should inform the TPA. Such need can be planned as in the case of critical illnesses and other illnesses treatment covered by the policy or for emergency treatment covered by the policy.

Planned treatment forms should be supported by the necessary documents such as doctor’s prescription, reports and diagnosis and submitted to the concerned TPA authority as mentioned in the policy document. Cashless treatment facility can be availed in any of the networked hospitals for which separate form needs to be filled and submitted. The TPA and networked hospital authorities directly settle the claim shortly after the claim is passed.

As far as possible, planned treatments should be availed in networked hospitals. Treatment in other hospitals should be availed only when such treatments are unavailable in networked hospitals, or the network hospital is inaccessible from the patient’s location.

Emergency treatments can be availed in networked as well as non-networked hospitals. Cashless claims for emergency treatment of covered condition can be raised by contacting the TPA emergency number at earliest and registering the claim by submitting the necessary details, forms and documents. Reimbursement based claims can be raised for covered emergency treatments undergone in non-networked hospitals by submitting the claims form along with the required documents, bills and details within the stipulated time frame after completion of treatment.

The policyholder should avoid unnecessary delay once treatment decision has been finalized and inform TPA at earliest. Emergency situations need to be reported as early as possible after attending to self and other care and registering FIR if applicable.