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Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

Bajaj Allianz offers joint venture health insurance plan that is partnered with Allianz SE and Finser ltd. Bajaj. Ever, since its establishment, the company has been considered as a leader in health insurance service sector. They offer with a quality product for the affordable price along with best support system. When searching you may come across a number of insurance products that range in features including General and life insurance plans. When searching for health insurance you may also find multiple insurance products to cover all your requirements. You can purchase insurance products both offline and online.

Why purchase health insurance with Bajaj Allianz?

This insurance company provides you with medical treatment and healthcare products. These products offer you with quality financial benefits. When purchasing the product you can ensure that you and your family get quality medical treatments within selected hospitals. The insurance company provides you with a complete list of over 5000 hospitals countrywide. In the present time, you can select from over multiple healthcare plans that will help you meet the increasing cost of medical services. Therefore, if you are looking around for affordable premium against best coverage, then Bajaj Allianz is one of the best options.

You can make the selection of the policy from amongst senior citizens, family and individual category along with tax benefits.

Advantages of taking Bajaj Allianz insurance coverage

This insurer is considered as lead brand names amongst other insurance service providers. The fact is that as compared to others they offer you with additional benefits. Here are mentioned a number of benefits for its customers.

  • If you have to apply for cashless claims then the company will ensure you with one-hour processing time.
  • You can make the selection from over 4000 hospitals and over 1200 diagnose centres within the country.
  • To make the claims for the settlement you can contact them via their support lines 24X7.
  • Apart from this, the insurer also makes sure that they provide customers with quality VAS so you can make a savings of over 30 percent on the purchase of any medications. You can also get discounts on OPD expenses, pathologies, wireless tests, radiology, and others. This discount is valid for selected medical centres.
Policies offered by Bajaj Allianz

When purchasing a policy you have the convenience of offline and online services.

Online policy services and plans
Some of the online policies offered include:-

  • Health Guard policy by Allianz
  • Guard Floater Policy offered by Bajaj Allianz
  • Extra cost insurance and health care policy
  • Premium Personal Guard insurance plan
  • Critical illness health care plan
  • Silver health care insurance policy

Let's have an inside look at features of each type here.

Health Guard – Policy

Under this insurance policy, you can easily cover all your hospital expenses as mentioned below.

  • You can make the selection from amongst 4000 plus hospitals for treatments for cashless process.
  • The scheme will offer you with both post and pre-hospital expenses that are paid within 60 to 90 days.
  • You can also access ambulance services in an emergency along with other 130 care services for day care plan.
  • You can also cover expenses for in house medical treatment team
  • In case of no claims made you are eligible to get 10 to 50 percent bonus
  • You can also renew the policy for life long
Eligibility factor

To be eligible for the insurance plan you and your spouse have to be of age between 18 to 65 years of age. Kids of age 3 months to over 25 years will also be offered with benefits.

Guard Floater insurance plan

This insurance plan will offer with coverage for your entire family including your parents and kids.
The features of this insurance policy plan are as mentioned below:-

  • It is used for covering all your medical expenses the moment you are hospitalized.
  • It will also offer you with coverage of the post and pre-hospitalization stages varying from 60 to 90 days.
  • It will also provide customers with ambulance services at the time of emergency.
  • You can also make claims in case you need to house medical team for administration.
  • In case you have not made any claims for four years in a row then you can request for a cost-free medical check-up for the entire family.
  • You can make bonus claim up to 50 percent if never used any medical services.
  • You can get it renewed for a lifetime.
Extra care Bajaj Allianz healthcare pan

This is a type of top-up health care plan offered by Allianz. You can make use of this plan for increasing the assured insurance amount much beyond its limits.
The features of this policy plan are mentioned below:-

  • This is one of the best insurance coverage plans that offer the lowest premium rates.
  • It is eligible to offer with coverage at the time of hospitalization.
  • It will also be covering with all post and pre hospitalization medical expenses. The benefits will be offered for 60 to 90 days.
  • You can also make use of coverage for claiming for ambulance services at the time of emergency.
  • You may not have to pay for any tests until you are below 55 years of age.
  • When making the claim the deductible amount will be provided by Bajaj Allianz as per our policy limits.

If you want to take benefit of this insurance policy then you have to be of age between 18 to 70 years. The plan will also offer with benefits for parents and kids under a single policy. They will get the benefits of dependents.

Apart from this, you can also search the internet for features and specifications for other insurance policies offered by Bajaj Allianz. Some of the insurance policies are also offered by Bajaj Allianz offline. You can directly approach the company agents to collect more details related to these insurance policies. Individual insurance policies can also be purchased for kids and women depending on your requirements. Being a leader in this field, Bajaj Allianz offers with multiple health care plans.


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