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Bharti AXA Health Insurance coverage

Bharti insurance is a company that is a joint venture with AXA and Bharti Enterprise Company. They offer with complete protection and insurance coverage protection along with wealth management. The company was established in 2008 and ever since then has managed to provide with best insurance coverage and plans. The moment it was launched it managed to get registered as ISO 9001: 2008/ ISO27001:2005 grade. The company is also one of its kinds that have managed to get these two certifications. The company even managed to get its certifications renewed in the year 2012 placing itself for another three years in this category. If you are looking around for best health insurance, then this is the best service provider. They offer everything that caters to your personal health needs.

Features of Bharti AXA health insurance

With two certifications to its advantage, the company managed to earn its reputation in the market. This means that they are better known to offer a quality product, better claims and customer service as compared to others in the market. Presently they have managed to be one of the best brand names in the international and national market. Here you may find some of the benefits that you get when purchasing their product.

  • They will always offer its customers 24x7assistance so you have the convenience of claiming at any time.
  • They also provide customers with post and pre-hospitalization benefits and claims.
  • You have the comfort of being renewed in your lifetime.
  • In case you are suffering from any of the selected critical illness then it is sure that you will be provided with double the amount of coverage as mentioned in the scheme.
  • The company will also provide with unlimited rentals for hospitalization for some of the illness.
  • Customers are also bound to claim for tax benefit under the plan.
  • One main authorized person is responsible for looking into the matter of making and settling claims.
  • You may also be eligible for earning 5 percent discount for all claims made on a yearly basis along with a maximum of 25 percent.
  • They also offer with day-care procedure check-ups.
  • You can also avail for a domiciliary procedure where you can request for medical attention at your home itself. All expenses will be covered.
  • The company also offers you with 15 days probation period.
Why should customers select Bharti AXA?

In the present time, health insurance indeed is very much necessary. This is also important as the expenses of medical facilities are increasing on a daily basis. With modern lifestyle, it is certain that some people need medical attention on a regular basis. With rising cost of services, it is certain that meeting the ends becomes very difficult. One of the main reasons I that most people are not able to pay for the cost of their medical expenses. In case of emergency people, face financial crises. So it becomes essential for one to take benefit of insurance companies. This also means that taking advantage of medical services may never burden any person.

Getting familiar with various insurance plans offered by Bharti

The fact is that when searching multiple insurance websites, you may come across many health insurance plans provided by Bharti AXA. Some of them are just mentioned here below.

Smart insurance plans

This one is designed to offer you with best coverage plan at the time of hospitalization.

General Features:-
  • One main benefit that you need to consider is that this scheme offers you with complete coverage of hospitalization stage. You can make a selection from amongst 4300 plus hospitals, with more being added to this list!
  • You can also trigger the facility where you may not require full-time hospitalization period.
  • In case you want to receive the treatment at your home then you can make use of day care treatment facility.
  • In this plan, it is certain that clients get to claim for critical illness cover as well. This service will also cover insurance for cancer patients.
  • In case of any medical expenses, you have to face at the time of hospitalization then you can claim.
  • In case you are suffering from any pre-existing condition then it shall be covered under this plan.
  • The medical insurance is also best; in fact, you want to undergo transplantation surgery for any organ.
  • The coverage will also provide you with coverage against hospital cash and nursing expenses. Therefore, you just do not have to pay any tips to the nurse from your pocket.
  • It will also cover any home nursing treatments if you need.
  • You can even claim for any ambulance charges in case of emergency.
  • The moment you go for renewals of the scheme you will be entitled to a discount offer of 5 percent.
  • You can also claim for assuring sum equivalent to 3 t 60 lakhs instantly. You can at any time change the sum assured according to your needs.
  • When planning to take this particular insurance, you have the option to make a selection from three distinct categories – Basic, opt 1 and opt2.
  • All three types offer you with different benefits in one way or the other- starting from 2 to over five lakhs benefits.
Eligibility criteria

It is sure that, to take benefit of this insurance scheme, you just have to be an Indian by birth. Another point is that you have to be of legal age, above 19 years.

How to make the selection of best plan?

The fact is that Bharti offers you with so many closely related options for coverage that making the right choice may not be an easy task for anyone. In case you just do not through the terms and conditions then it is certain that you may, in fact, miss and not take advantage and benefits. You always have the convenience of selecting one that is best suited to your needs and requirements. In case you have some conditions that you want to cover under this medical insurance then you have to go through the terms and conditions of each policy offered by the company and make your decision.


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