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Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

The Bharti Axa Insurance is a joint venture with the Bharti Enterprises, which has the great reputation in the insurance sector, and it is a world leader in the wealth management and financial protection. The Bharti Axa General Insurance started their business in August 2008, and in the first year of starting their operation, it has received the two certifications, and it is the first general insurance company to receive two certificates in their first year of starting.

Advantages of Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

The General Insurance Company has received the two certifications which show that it focuses on the quality and consumer service. In today's date, the company is the well-known brand in the insurance sector.

1. It provides fast claim process to the policyholder.

2. It has a very large network for the cashless claim all over its branches.

3. It provides 24*7 customer care support in case of any urgency.

4. It provides online renewal of the two-wheeler insurance by simply logging into your account.

5. One can purchase the plan online according to their requirement.

6. It provides SMS services for every process like Premium due, charges, claims process, renewal etc.

Coverage of the Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

1. Damage or loss of the two-wheeler in the case of natural disasters like flood, hurricane, rock slide temptation, hailstorm, cyclone, landslide, earthquake, etc.

2. Damage or loss of the two-wheeler in the case of man-made disasters like a strike, riot, burglary, theft, terrorist attack, external activity, road transit, etc.

3. It provides the coverage of 1 lac to the owner or driver in case of while mounting, driving or traveling from the vehicle.

Additional Coverage of Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

1. It provides an additional option to add an optional cover for the co-passenger under this plan. It provides 1 lac coverage in case of permanent total dismemberment or death of the driver or the owner and the co-passenger.

2. One can insure the accessories of the two-wheeler vehicle by paying an extra premium under this plan.

Exclusions under the Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

1. Tearing of the bike and the Normal wear to the daily usage and general happenings will not be covered in the Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance.

2. Electrical or Mechanical breakdown of the two-wheeler will not be covered under this plan.

3. Depreciation is neither covered nor any consequential loss.

4. While driving without driving license if there is a loss or damage will not be covered by the plan.

5. If anything wrong happens to the two-wheeler if the driver is under the influence of liquor or drugs, it will not be covered under this plan.

6. Damage or loss to the vehicle in case of war and fight will not be covered by the plan.

Process of Claim in Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

The general insurance provides step by step process to process the claim so that the customer can easily follow them to get the claim.

1. Register the Claim

The policyholder should register the policy claim by calling the Bharti Axa Customer care toll free number and provide all the details regarding the policy and its claim to the representative. There is another option one can download the form from the official website of the company and can follow the same step by filling the form. The policyholder will get claim reference number after providing all the details to the executive. The claim number is used to know the status of the claim. The company sends SMS on every stage of claim updation.

2. Sending the damaged vehicle for repairing

The damaged vehicle should be sent to repair as soon as possible after the damage and if there is a theft of the two-wheeler one should file the FIR as soon as possible and inform the same to the Bharti Axa Insurance company by calling the customer care toll free number. If the two-wheeler is not found within the 3 months, then one can obtain the Nontraceable certificate from the Police station and then this certificate hand over to the company to settle the claim process as soon as possible.

How to apply for Bharti Axa Insurance Policy?

Bharti Axa Two wheeler plan can be purchased by choosing one of these steps below.

1. One can buy the plan by calling the customer care toll free number.

2. Interested people can also send the inquiry to

3. A customer can also try SMS service to know about the renewal, claim, plan, premium etc.

4. One can purchase the plan by visiting the near branch.

5. One can also buy the plan online hassle free by visiting the official website and click on 'Buy Now' tab.

How to pay the premium?

There are three different modes provided by the Bharti Axa Insurance Company.

1. A customer can pay the premium online form by visiting the official website.

2. One can pay the premium by cash or cheque at the banks.

3. Auto debit option at the mandate.

Documents required to get the claim :

Accident Claims

1. Duly Claim Signed form by the insured.

2. Original RC of the two-wheeler.

3. Original Driving license with self-attested.

4. First two-page copy of the policy.

5. Original Estimate

6. Original receipt or invoice report of the two-wheeler.

Theft Claims

1. Duly Claim Signed form by the insured.

2. Original RC of the two-wheeler.

3. Copy of the original policy.

4. No trace report from the police.

5. FIR report from the police including full details of the theft.

6. Original Driving license with self-attested.

Third Party Theft Claim

1. Duly Claim Signed form by the insured.

2. Copy of FIR.

3. Original Driving license with self-attested.

4. Original RC of the two-wheeler.

It offers different plans that one can choose according to their needs and requirements. It has different two-wheeler plans with the different bike models. You can check the different plans and all the details by visiting their website.


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