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Chola Mandalam Accidental Health Policy

Introducing Individual Accident Insurance Policy:-

An accident is unpredictable and may happen in the most unexpected places and unexpected times. While small accidents can be temporarily indispensable, but in case of a major one, people can seriously affect their lives and disrupt their welfare. In addition, if one encounters an accident, then he/she suffers from a great financial burden and often follows a series of expenses.

However, if you are covered by accidental insurance, then there is support present in your difficult times. There are many health insurance companies present in India among which, Chola Mandalam Health Insurance Company stands out as a commendable health insurance provider.

Personal accident insurance policy of Chola Mandalam Health Insurance is a cover for these uncertainties in life. This protects you from the financial consequences of an unexpected medical expense and offsets the value of your life is incomparable manner. This casual insurance policy has been designed with the intention of providing relief to the injured person or any dependent person.

Work As a raincoat for your life-Complete Protector

Chola Mandalam Health Insurance is one of the leading casualty insurance companies in the country, providing this comprehensive personal accident insurance cover, which offers support to the policyholder from various financial challenges during after uncertainties in life, such as life-threatening accidents or even death. It works mainly on two factors:-

1) First factor is the premature death of the policyholder. This particular factor enables the policyholder to get full support and financial security for the insurer’s family.

2) The second factor focuses on a case where the insured survives in an accident but for the remaining or a significant part of his body is mainly injured or disabled, this policy will ensure that the person gets a certain amount, On which type of disability is facing.

Benefits Covered For the Insured Person: - Chola Mandalam Health Insurance Company provided benefits in both the situation – death or disability. However, it gives benefits according to the policy.

The policy is given below:

Covered Uncertainties Percentage of Capital Sum Insured
Death 100
Damage to sight (both eyes) 100
Loss of two limbs 100
Loss of one limb and one eye 100
The loss of sight of an eye 50
Loss of one limb 50
Permanent Total and Absolute Inefficiency 100

Note: In order to ensure additional security and full financial relief in other times of difficulty, personal accident.

The insurance policy offers the following benefits:

In addition to the above benefits, the personal accident insurance policy provides compensation for damaged clothing in accident and expenses incurred for dead body carriage, among many others. This comprehensive benefit is that this policy makes it the most preferred and best accident insurance. If the result of the accident occurs in the loss of permanent partial disability in fingers/toes or any part, the additional benefit will depend on a degree of 5% to 40%.Our Accidental Plan provides the insured one and their family the following benefits.

Disability: Those who are suffering from the temporary total disability, the policy will pay the insured amount of 1% per week, subject to the maximum weekly limit of 6,000 /-.

Employment Benefit: This casual insurance policy will also compensate you for the loss of the insured's employment to the specified extent. This benefit will be given in case of the accident, which will result in loss of sight, organs or permanent total inefficiency. Education Benefits: If the insured affects the limbs, eyes, permanent total disability or loss of death, the education cost of dependent children will be covered under the policy to the pre-specified limit.

Ambulance Benefit: For an accident, the insured may require an ambulance service, the policy will pay for an ambulance visit used to reach the hospital to a specific policy limit.

Cumulative Benefits: After the policy renewal, the sum insured under the policy is automatically increased. The increased amount is up to the pre-specified policy limit, and the policyholder does not need to pay any additional premium.

Exceptional cases when Policy is not Claimed– Chola Mandalam Health Insurance Company is one of the leading company and always open for helping people, before, an afterlife but the policy does not insure in some cases, and the insured person does not take the profit of Insurance.

Policy does not give benefits to the individual in some critical cases:-

1) Intentional injuries, suicides or suicide attempts, venial disease or insanity.

2) Accidents due to the influence of alcohol or drugs

3) Death or disability due to pregnancy or childbirth. (In case of female insured)

4) The insurer is violating any law with criminal intentions.

5) Direct or indirect contracts of any disease arising from HIV or HIV-related diseases, including any mutational derivatives or variations of HIV or AIDS.

6) On Duty with any armed force officer.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants:-

Chola Mandalam Health Insurance Policy is among the best online services which provided the best accidental insurance policy except for such peoples who:-

1) Are involved in any activity, which is dangerous in nature like nature, burning etc.

2) People who are members of the Armed Forces

3) Those who fall out of the typical age group of 5 to 70 years.

The policy is covered for - Chola Mandalam is one of the best insurance policies who takes care of you and your family in your difficult time. With Chola Mandalam Health Policy, one can feel secure his or her family without any tension even after life. Our policy covered the following who involved with you:-

1) Proponent

2) Husband or wife

3) Dependent children of the insured person.

Aim- Life is about experiencing every good and bad experience; we believe that on living a healthy life worrying about any informal accidental problems. So, we provided security to you and you love ones in your difficult and hard time. We respect you and your care both. Therefore, we also provide care for your loved ones at your unexpected time.


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