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Compare Cigna TTK Health
Insurance Plans

Cigna TTK  Health Insurance Company

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited, a Mumbai-based corporation, is exclusively a health insurance company and at present has a PAN India presence in fifteen cities of India.

It is a combined project between Cigna Corporation of the USA and the renowned TTK group of India. The former is a Fortune 500 health insurance company in the U.S.A. The joint venture company was incepted in February 2014 and was registered under the IRDA in November 2013.

Though the company is a joint venture with an international partner, the management of the company comprises Indians who are veterans in their fields and have long years of experience in the Indian insurance sector.
In 2015 the Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited was awarded by The Economic Times under the best performing brands category.

Health and health insurance is a very specific segment and realizing this; the group has channelized its focus and efforts into this particular stream so as to offer its customers unmatched health care solutions. It considers health insurance an aspect of its Pro Activ Living Program which is a customized global wellness platform for individuals, families and corporates.

In these times of constant change and stress, our health dynamics are under constant pressures and ravages. The ProActive Living Program offers various tools through which people can assess their present health status and take suitable actions to avoid any possible health based crisis.

Company Performance

The company believes in a policy of transparency. All the relevant details related to its performance aspects and processes have been provided clearly.

It has not been many years since the company began operations and in these years the company has worked towards attaining maximum customer satisfaction through maximum claim settlements. The company lays stress on speedy claim settlement process so as to maximize its claim settlement ratio per period.

As per the company’ disclosure records as on December 2016, the company settled around 9290 claims out of around 11,000 claims which is a claim settlement ratio of 84.45 %.

Key Advantages and Features

  • Focused in the healthcare segment
  • A complete and comprehensive range of health insurance offers
  • Unique health segment offers
  • Resident as well as global health insurance offers
  • Individual, family, group and corporate health insurance offers
  • Accident insurance offers
  • Customized health insurance offers
  • Entire week call center service
  • Medically trained Health Relation Managers
  • Health relation managers coordinate and streamline customer processes
  • Online health tools and calculators
  • Online Hospital locator facility
  • Transparent, seamless and streamlined online processes and procedures

Types of Products

Cigna TTK Health Insurance offers comprehensive health insurance coverage under seven main categories:

  1. Cigna TTK Pro Health Insurance: This is a health insurance plan for individual and family and protects against hospitalization expenses, it is available in four different categories with differential features.
  2. Cigna TTK Life Style Protection: Critical Care- This is a plan that protects against critical illnesses. If you are insured against critical illness and are diagnosed with a listed critical illness then upon the first diagnosis of the critical illness, you can claim the assured sum.
  3. Cigna TTK Life Style Protection-Accident Care: Under this plan, insured can avail protection against accident on or off the job, death, disability, loss of job and financial protection.
  4. Cigna TTK Pro Health Cash: Provides cash for managing daily out of pocket expenses in the event of hospitalization of a family member.
  5. Cigna TTK Global Health Group Policy: This policy has been designed for the mobile people and their dependents who have to regularly travel abroad. Policyholders can access over 1 million medical service providers across the globe.
  6. Cigna TTK Lifestyle Protection Group Policy: Covers for critical illnesses as well as unforeseen accidents. Corporates can avail this policy for its staff and their dependents. The policy is customizable and offers freedom and flexibility.
  7. Pro health group insurance policy: designed to provide insurance cover solution for professional as well as personal groups. The plan has enhanced flexibility and comprehensiveness features so as to include the entire gamut of healthcare that includes the basic cover as well as other additional and optional covers.

Product Plan Details

Upon spelling out your prominent and additional health insurance requirements, you can avail the best guidance as to the health insurance product most suitable for you. The plans have broad range eligibility criteria including minors and elderly, individual and group insurance solutions.

Plan Salient Features
Pro Health Insurance
  • Is available in several categories
  • Sum assured ranges from Rs 2.5 lakhs to Rs 100 lakhs
  • Includes features like health maintenance benefits, maternity and newborn benefits, worldwide protection, premium reduction reward options
Lifestyle protection (critical care)
  • Basic plan covers 15 critical illnesses
  • Enhanced plan covers 30 critical illnesses
  • Sum assured option has a wide range
  • Second medical opinion from experts
  • Online wellness plan
  • Payout can be lump sum as well as staggered
  • Global access feature
Lifestyle protection (accident care)
  • Cover plan for accidental death and disablement
  • Global coverage
  • Covers for employment loss
  • Child education and orphan fund
  • Wide range of cover options
Pro health cash
  • Cash for daily hospital expenses up to Rs 5000
  • For accidental hospitalization daily benefit is double
  • For ICU and global cover daily benefit is three times
  • %0% of daily cash benefit as companion benefit
  • Plan is available under three options with varying lump sums
Global health group policy
  • Broad sum assured range  options
  • Cover for inpatient and day care expenses
  • Cover for outpatient expenses
  • Cover for AIDS/HIV
  • Cover for out of area emergency treatment
  • Evacuation for emergency benefit
Lifestyle protection group policy
  • An all-inclusive policy covering group personal accident and group critical illness
  • Benefits include accidental death, permanent total and partial disability, temporary total disability, cover for 36 critical illnesses, global coverage
  • In case of critical illness survival period can be waived
  • 24 by 7 coverage, excellent customer support
Group Insurance Policy
  • Plan is thoroughly customized
  • Cover can be individual and floater
  • Base cover plus 7 included benefits
  • 41 need based optional covers
  • Accumulation Benefit
  • Includes maternity, dental, eye, OPD benefits
  • AYUSH in hospital treatment coverage
  • Benefits for family
  • Several cost sharing options

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