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Future Generali Car Insurance

The joint venture between a Future Group of companies and the Generali offers a wide range of insurance, and their car insurance policy stands ahead of many other insurance providers. Generali is an Italian company that provides financial security services to people across Italy. Since they have experience in providing insurance support they started their operation in India joining hands with Future groups of the company in 2007.

Benefits Offered By Future Generali Car Insurance

The primary focus of Future Generali Car Insurance is the customer and hence they offer easy and scalable plans that will help car owners to benefit.

  • The insurance purchase process is quick and straightforward for new policy and renewal. The simple online form can be filled any individual within no time.
  • The claim process, on the other hand, is yet another quick process and very convenient for customers. It does not drag the process in the name of verification but does a quick check and releases the claim amount to the maximum benefit of the customers.
  • A complete car insurance policy offered to the customer covers both the personal damage and the third party liable to injury. Several added benefits are part of the plan, and few can be availed by paying an additional premium.
  • The add-on covers are quite many, and the policyholder can enjoy many benefits when compared to another insurance provider with the same premium.
  • The cashless settlement feature offered by the Future Generali India provides a facility can be availed at all their networking garages.
  • The user-friendly website allows the new and the existing policy taker to complete all the process under the ‘motor insurance’ tab which is self-explanatory.
  • When the customer does not claim for many years, then they become eligible to the no claim bonus and that is up to 50% discount on their policy renewal.
  • The 24/7 customer support is an exciting feature with Future Generali because the representatives are technically qualified and can offer an excellent service and advice to maintain the car in proper condition.
  • Towing services offered for cars that meet with accident within the city limits.
  • The claim settlement gets completed within seven working days after collection of all necessary documents.
Future Generali Car Insurance Coverage
  • The primary insurance plan covers loss or damage due to natural calamities including flood, cyclone, fire, landslide, and similar events.
  • Also, it reimburses of damages happened due to the human-designed inconvenience like theft, strike, terrorism, and alike activities.
  • Even the damage due to the transit of road, rail, water and similar kind can be recovered with the purchased policy.
  • One lac additional amount is given to the driver if he happens to die in the mishap.
  • Injury or death claim made by the third party also can be included in the policy. The legal protection covers the damage caused to the surroundings due to the accident.
  • With an additional premium paid, the below mentioned legal liabilities can be covered: 1)Cleaner paid driver or the Conductor employed with the car that is insured. 2)People traveling in the car other than the driver will be compensated for any injury during the travel.
Add-on Covers

Apart from the coverage offered, which is similar to other players in the market, the two add-on covers that offer many other advantages on the insurance includes the

1. Future Express

2. Future Express+

Future Express can be beneficial for people whose primary purpose is to repair the vehicle at the best price.

Future Express+ mainly focuses on people who look at the assessment process, claim settlement, and identifying the right workshop to get their car serviced.

Along with the basic plan the customers can add few schemes mentioned below for availing add-on benefits.

  • Silver Plan – Offers consumable expenses coverage, depreciation cap, and the IDV.
  • Gold – Same as silver and additionally covers personal accident cover. Loss of private belonging coverage and key replacement.
  • Platinum – Silver + Gold + Inconvenience Allowance and personal legal responsibility cover.
Future Motor Secure

Pay little more premiums to enjoy 5x more benefits with Future Generali India:

  • A depreciation cover will protect the customer from the depreciating value including the spare parts and makes sure to provide the full settlement.
  • IDV cover helps customer to get the insurance + road tax + registration + insured value.
  • Personal accident cover up to a maximum of two lakhs on account of death or permanent disability.
  • A unique 50 lac worth personal accident add-on cover is exclusive to the registered vehicle owner.
  • Up to 50,000 is compensated for the lost key.
  • One another add-on cover will offer coverage for the medical expenses for the passenger or the driver in the car.
  • The hassle allowance will cover at the time of car break down, and the customer will be paid Rs 3000 for days as the car is in the workshop for repair.
  • Individual Liability coverage will cover up to Rs. 5 Lacs for the owner.
  • Loss of key, personal belonging will be compensated with Rs.50000 by the insurance company.

Future Generali Car Insurance treats customer satisfaction as their primary focus at the same time wants to make sure that they offer protection to genuine and the needy customer by omitting the following situation as it is not fair to agree on the claim when the car is intentionally damaged.

  • The plan cannot cover all expenses arising from the contractual liability. Aging of vehicle and loss due to it will not be included.
  • Drunken driving, nuclear hazards and war risks cannot be taken into account for the claim.
  • Substantial reduction of losses, wear, and electrical and mechanical wear is not included in the scope of the plan.
  • The accident that occurs and damages the vehicle in conditions where the driver uses drugs or alcohol will not be reimbursed according to the plan.
  • The claim that arises outside the geographical area specified in the plan is excluded from the application.
  • Any vehicle used for the purpose not permitted in the law will not be considered for damages or loss of reimbursement under the insurance plan.
  • The application will be rejected directly if the driver does not have a valid license at the time of the journey.

One can benefit from the Future Generali insurance plan greatly by purchasing the best plan that fits their car model and the budget.


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