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Future Generali India General Insurance

Future Generali India General Insurance

There is so much choice in Insurance. Getting the best deal is far more easier now, thanks to comparison options available online.

About Future Generali India Insurance

The insurance corporation, Future Generali India Insurance, began its venture in 2007. In less than 10 years, the company has become one of the leading insurance providers in India.

Like all the private insurance companies in India, it is a joint business. The company, therefore, belongs partly to the Future Group of India and partly to the Italy based Generali Group. Future Generali, thus, combines the market knowledge and network of one company and the insurance competence of the other.

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited aims to provide quality insurance solutions to all kinds of customers. ‘Total Insurance Solutions’ reads the tagline of this insurance giant. The various characteristics of the products offered have led to the company gaining more than 2200 corporate clients.

The various insurance products offered are under the categories, Future Generali health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and home insurance. They also have plans for commercial sector and rural sector. The Future Generali group also operates a life insurance company.

They have an effective online presence. As a result, the customers can avail facilities like Future Generali Life Insurance online payment or Future Generali motor insurance online renewal easily.

Over the years, Future Generali India Insurance has received recognition from various organizations. In 2010, ‘Impresa award’ was bestowed on the company and it got an EFFIE award for marketing effectiveness in 2011. The company has 2 certifications from ISO, one for its IT services and another for the investment department.

Company Past Performance

The Future Generali insurance company values its customers and audience. It has practised transparency and results and reports are released every quarter. All of the financial information is therefore available easily.

Future Generali has invested over Rs.710 crores in the company. They have gained over 11 lakh customers because they are operate from 137 locations across India. There are over 6100 advisors in their employ who can help customers in the process of policy buying.

With a customer centric approach towards business, the number of claims they settle each year is more than 180,000.

The company’s performance is great because it derives from the parent companies. You can read about both the groups by searching for Future Generali wiki on the browsers.

Key Advantages And Features

  • The claim settlement process is easier and faster than most companies
  • Value added services are designed to provide the best services to the customers
  • The covers of the policies are comprehensive
  • Customers get great value for money when they go with Future Generali
  • The maximum entry age for health insurance is more compared to other companies
  • Quick general insurance or Future Generali Life Insurance policy status check is convenient
  • Locating Future Generali Life Insurance branches, network garages and hospitals online easily
  • Customer service is available all the time
  • Brochure download available for Future Generali policy details

Types Of Products

Product Plan Details

Plan category Various plans available Key Details
Health insurance
  1. Future Health Suraksha (individual and family floater)
  2. Future Health Surplus
  3. Future HospiCash
  4. Future Criticare
A free look period of 15 days, policy holders can get cashless treatment at the Future Generali network of hospitals.
Travel insurance
  1. Future Travel Suraksha
  2. Future Travel Suraksha-Schengen travel
  3. Future Student Suraksha
These policies cover loss of luggage, loss of passport, emergency medical expenses, etc.
Social/rural insurance
  1. Sukshma HospiCash
  2. Cattle Livestock insurance
  3. Sampoorna Suraksha
  4. Janata Personal Accident
The features of these policies are different from other policies with benefits like single premium and simple process.
Commercial insurance
  1. Property insurance
  2. Engineering insurance
  3. Liability insurance
  4. Marine insurance
The business owners can buy these plans according to their needs.
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