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HDFC Ergo  General Insurance Company

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited is the 3rd largest General Insurance Company in the private sector. This Mumbai-based General Insurance company caters to insurance needs ranging from Motor, Health, Travel, Commercial to Rural Agriculture.

In the world of insurance, stability of a company is everything. Insurance prospects search for brands that have a sound financial background apart from other features.

HDFC ERGO is one such name.

Similar to other general insurance companies, HDFC ERGO is a joint venture company formed by HDFC, an legendary housing finance organization and ERGO International AG. One of the largest insurance companies in Europe, owned by the Munich Re Group.

This tie-up provides diverse options to its Indian customers in the General Insurance strata like Individual, Vehicular, Corporate and others.

The company was established in 2002. It has an iAAA rating awarded by ICRA for its highest claim paying capability. It also has ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Operations and Services section for Customer Experience Management and Claims Management. Awards Excellence in Financial Reporting FY2014-15.

In 2016, the company serviced more than 5 million policies. It is the fourth largest company in General Insurance in the private sector and 3rd largest in the Non-Motor bracket.

The Company's Past Performance

HDFC ERGO is driven by their value to cater to specialize and heed to every need of the modern day customer with superior HDFC ERGO customer care service through automated processes like HDFC ERGO renewal process.

The company has been in existence for a fair time since then, it has covered a lot of ground in gaining a large share of customer gratification through the fast and efficient claim settlement process. The company is one of the top five companies to have the highest claims paid ratio in the previous year 2016.

As per the company’s annual financials for the previous year (2015-2016), the company paid out 1244.2 claims last year, which gives it a claim settlement ratio of 51%. The company was able to deliver during the Chennai floods calamity.

Key Features

  • Complete and comprehensive products in general insurance
  • Niche products available in the commercial offerings section
  • Also caters to the rural segment of the society with policies for agriculture, cattle, and rainfall.
  • Covers, individuals, work spaces, vehicles through general insurance offers
  • ISO 9001-2008 certification on policy issuance, customer service, and claim services
  • 108 branches in 91 cities
  • Largest player in the personal accidents section in the industry
  • Best digital services like online HDFC ERGO general insurance claim form
  • Instant online renewals
  • Has the widest range of products for commercial insurance
  • Special offers available on the display of HDFC ERGO health card from independent service providers

Types Of Products

Motor Insurance
HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance saves your vehicle from unsuspecting harm like theft or third party liabilities. It also adds an accidental cover to keep you safe. It is a cashless facility that is honored at 3400+ authorized car service stations.
HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance renewal is fast and easy to do in case of delays. HDFC ERGO has three types of Motor Insurance policies - Two Wheeler Insurance, Private Car Insurance, and Vehicle Insurance.

Health Insurance
HDFC ERGO has the best health insurance policies that cover individuals and families. It has a massive network of over 50000 hospitals and has unique features such as flexible payment options, enhance no-claim bonus, day care procedures, etc.

Travel Insurance
This travel insurance plan has many features keeping in mind the modern customers. One can avail travel insurance online. One can get maximum coverage at competitive prices. Round the clock international travel assistance in case of emergencies.

Home Insurance
HDFC ERGO’s Home Insurance policy insures structure of one's home along with valuables. The insurance lasts for up to 5 years and can be applied for online with no documentation and at a reasonable premium.

Personal Accident
The company’s personal accident insurance secure individual and his/her family’s wellbeing. It includes Temporary and permanent disabilities, fractures, ambulance and burns costs. Anyone below 65 years of age can avail this policy.

Commercial Insurance
A workspace is as valuable to an individual as much as his/her home. HDFC ERGO’s Professional and Management Liability is a unique feature under this type of insurance. It covers Directors and crucial members of an organization. The company’s policies also cover litigation, extortion attempts, employee disputes apart from other common types of commercial insurances.

Product Plan Details

Plan Features
Directors & Officers Liability
  • Unique insurance designed to save externally and internally appointed crucial decision makers of the organization from potential damages that are incurred from management decisions
  • The policy provides worldwide coverage
  • Legal representation costs are covered through the policy
  • Defense costs are covered
  • Punishment damages cover that are normally borne by the company are covered
Crime Insurance
  • Protection against asset loss incurred through forgery or theft committed by an employee within the organization
  • Damage protection from extortion, disappearance, destruction that results in money loss or securities loss or hacking through third parties
  • Protection from loss of official properties when in transit
  • Grants immunity from fraudulently draw checks from a third party on account of the insured’s company
  • Safety from hacking activities and damage to the insured’s computer systems
Forefront Portfolio
  • Covers the entire organization's employees at one go
  • Designed for medium and small sized companies
  • Protects directors and high-ranking officers against claims resulting from management decisions
  • Automatic cover extends to any new subsidiary of the company
  • Safety policy for the company against theft and fraud committed by employees
  • Also covers investigation costs for covered losses
Mutual fund Protection Policy
  • Insurance policy covers costs covered in criminal or civil proceedings along with written demands and investigation charges
  • Elaborate reporting period
  • Insurance options such as combination of trustees, the entire organizations employees and top management and Unit trust
  • Covers newly established subsidiaries too
  • Multi-year policies are available
  • Worldwide cover applicable
  • Can be extended to spouses too
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