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ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

There is so much choice in Insurance. Getting the best deal is far more easier now, thanks to comparison options available online.

About ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

ICICI PRU Life Insurance Company is the conglomerate of ICICI Bank which is one of the largest private sector banks in India and very successful private international financial company Prudential Plc, a based out of United Kingdom where ICICI Bank has 74%, and 26% of the stake belongs to Prudential Plc. which is in absolute adherence to the government of India rules and regulations. ICICI PRU Life Insurance Company Ltd. was incorporated in 2000 basing its operation mainly in the financial sector. ICICI PRU Life Insurance Company Ltd.

key Products/Revenue Segments include life insurance, health insurance, and retirement plans. ICICI PRU Life Insurance Company Ltd. received the AAA rating in the National Insurer Financial Strength segment by Fitch reviews and ratings. Another noted achievement was when ICICI Prudential was voted as the India's Most-Trusted Life Insurer in the Private sector for 3 consecutive years in a row. ICICI PRU Life Insurance Company Ltd. has also won first prize in 2014 at Qimpro Awards for the digitization project. Additionally, ICICI PRU Life Insurance was awarded the ‘Insurance Company of the Year Award’ in 2011 and was conferred ‘Company of the Year Award’ also in 2011 and was well-deservedly praised by the very reputed insurance journal of India in their regular segment ‘Insurance Review’. The company’s assets had reached over a sum of Rs. 805.97 billion as taken on March 31 in the year 2011. ICICI PRU Life Insurance Company Ltd. boasts a Rs. 124.29 billion as the total premium earnings for the 2014 financial year.

Company Past Performance

ICICI PRU Life Insurance Company Ltd. is a large cap company that has a market capital of Rs. 51,126.24 Cr. About Rs. 51 Cr of sales value, that is, 79 % of their total sales were recorded only from sale of share and securities compounding to an interest which then contributed to Rs. 12 Cr of sales value, that is, about 18 % of total sales. Their other services had contributed approximately Rs. 2 Cr of sales value, 3.28 % of the total sales all for the financial year by 31 March 2008. The company reported a staggering 5,697.51 Cr of sales for the quarter that ended on 31 December 2016 that is up of about 5.07 compared to sales in the last quarter which was Rs. 5,422.53 Cr.

Key Advantages and Features

ICICI PRU Life Insurance Company Ltd. has 2000 branches across the country and a large network of 1100 micro offices that one can approach to review, discuss or buy the policy. ICICI PRU Life Insurance has over 24 bank assurance as their partners for the convenience of their customers. The network of ICICI PRU Life Insurance has reached 1,75,0000 financial advisors and consultants. Call ICICI PRU Life insurance customer care number for quick response and to clarify doubts. ICICI prudential online payment available with several online products that are easy to understand and quick to purchase with hassle-free and transparent transactions. ICICI has recorded a Claims Ratio of 96.20% as in the year 2015-16. Other key features of their plan include:

  • Pure-term insurance plan
  • Policy term of a flexible 5 years
  • Maximum sum assured for minimum premium is f 5 lakhs
  • Assured benefits with returns of 101% on premiums
  • Several wealth boosters and loyalty additions to existing plans
  • Definite tax reductions on premiums with benefit amount that is paid on policy maturity
  • Competitive premium rates for women and non-tobacco users
  • Pay premium online, and ICICI PRU Life insurance policy status can be tracked online as well

Product Plans Details

Pure protection plans include:

1. Term Plan

  • iProtect Smart: 360° protection against Death, Disability & Disease with critical illness cover
  • iCare II: Adequate financial support to your family in your absence

Plans that are both a savings plan as well as protection plans are:

2. Unit Linked Life Insurance Plans

  • Guaranteed Wealth Protector: Life cover with best returns without losing your initial
  • Wealth Builder II: Growing equity with a life cover
  • Smart Life: Promise of continuous wealth creation in absentia of the policyholder

3. Money Back/ Endowment Life Insurance Plans

  • Cash Advantage: Additional income with life cover
  • Savings Suraksha: Guaranteed savings and returns
  • Assured Savings: Guaranteed growth of your wealth
  • Future Perfect: Guaranteed savings and returns

4. Retirement Life Insurance Plans

  • Easy Retirement: Financial security throughout your retirement life
  • Immediate Annuity: Regular income for daily expenses and savings

Other policy products available under by ICICI PRU Life Insurance Company Ltd. are:

  • Group Term Insurance Plans
  • Group Term Life Solutions
  • Group Gratuity Plan
  • Group Superannuation Plan
  • Group Leave Encashment Plan
  • Group Immediate Annuity Plan
  • Rural Plans
  • Sarv Jana Suraksha
  • IProtect Smart
Policy Plan Key Features Premium Amount Eligibility
Pure Protection Term Plan All round protection against death, disease, and disability. Critical cover to 34 illnesses. High accidental cover for up to Rs. 2 Cr   18 to 60 Years
iProtect Smart iProtect Smart: Rs. 3600-Unlimited
iCare II iCare II: Rs. 2400-Unlimited
Savings and Protection Elite Plans Life cover with customizations to suit your luxury lifestyle. Protect your Wealth and manage your finances. Strive for special things for yourself, and your family with exclusive benefits.    
Elite Wealth II Elite Wealth II: Rs. 200000-Unlimited 0 to 70 Years
Elite Life II Elite Life II: Rs. 500000-Unlimited 0 to 69 Years
Unit Linked Life Insurance Plans In absentia life cover to safeguard the future for your loved ones. Better returns than any other plan and without the risk of losing your initial.    
Guaranteed Wealth Protector Guaranteed Wealth Protector: Rs. 24000-Unlimited 08 to 70 Years
Wealth Builder II Wealth Builder II: Rs. 24000-Unlimited 0 to 69 Years
Smart Life Smart Life: Rs. 100000-Unlimited 20 to 54 Years
Money Back Or Endowment Life Insurance Plans Regular additional income to protect and secure your family with guaranteed growth of wealth. Enjoy the benefits of massive returns    
Cash Advantage Cash Advantage: Rs. 12000-Unlimited 0 to 60 Years
Savings Suraksha Savings Suraksha: Rs. 12000-Unlimited 0 to 60 Years
Assured Savings Assured Savings: Rs. 12000-Unlimited 6 to 60 Years
Retirement Plans Financial security in your retired years with definitive growth of debt funds and equity without losing your capital invested. 101% Returns premiums. Spousal support and savings.    
Easy Retirement Easy Retirement: Rs. 12000-Unlimited 35 to 70 Years
Immediate Annuity Immediate Annuity: Rs. 48000-Unlimited 45 to 80 Years

ICICI PRU Group Plans:

  • Group Term Life Solutions: Term insurance policy for a group that offers protection at affordable rates.
  • Group Gratuity Plan: Group insurance policy plan for employers against gratuity payment liabilities.
  • Group Superannuation Plan: Superannuation policy plan for employers for pension benefits to their employees with 5 different options for annual payouts.
  • Group Leave Encashment Plan: Group insurance for leave encashment liabilities.
  • Group Immediate Annuity Plan: Pension benefits to the employees and pension liabilities for employers.

ICICI PRU Rural Plans:

  • Sarv Jana Suraksha: Life insurance investment opportunity for lower income groups. Insurance plans are available at affordable rates.
  • IProtect Smart: Enhanced protection. Death, cover against terminal illnesses, and disability. Accidental death cover for up to Rs. 2 Cr and critical Illness cover for 34 illnesses.
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