About IFFCO Tokio General Insurance

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Ltd. has been delighting Indian customers for the past 15 years by its well designed and vivid insurance plan range.

The leading insurance company is the recipient of a number of awards, the most recent one being the “Indian Insurance Award 2016”. The company has a fantastic "Claims" settlement rate of 91.94% and is quite popular in India because of its prompt and efficient customer service.

It has a repudiation rate of 0.04% that speaks volumes about the honesty, trustworthiness and customer friendliness of the company.

The different types of IFFCO-Tokio Insurance Plans

  • Motors
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Home
  • Business and Trade
  • Agriculture and cattle

Motor Insurance

The IFFCO Tokio motor Insurance policies secure your automobiles against all kinds of man-made and natural hazards. It offers protection against natural calamities such as cyclones, earthquakes, fires, tsunami, flood and others, and also against fire, riots, explosion, strikes, theft, terrorist activities and the malicious deeds.

Name of the motor insurance plan Key features and benefits=
On-Road Protector Coverage
  • 24*7 roadside assistance
  • Protection against emergency situations and immobilization of the vehicle
  • Apart from protection against the normal perils, the policy also offers coverage towards battery discharge, internal breakdown, loss of keys and tyre puncture, among other hazards
  • 100 km radius coverage from the nearest branch of IFFCO Tokio
  • Delivery of fuel to the immobilization spot (up to 5 liters)
  • Providence of taxi
  • Co-ordination towards hotel accommodation and medical services (the insurer will have to pay of the services)
Value Auto Coverage
  • Insurance towards natural and man-made perils (including theft) and damages
  • A personal accident cover
  • Cover towards third-party damage liability
  • NCB or No Claim benefit
  • Hotel accommodation rent coverage for the circumstances (if they occur)
  • Flexible, as the policy buyer can choose any number of benefits out of the 12 benefits
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance
  • Coverage for all kinds of legal liabilities that occur because of the use of the commercial vehicle, including injury, death and/or property damage
  • A personal accident cover for the driver/owner

Two Wheeler Insurance

Coverage includes:

  • Natural calamities (fire, flood and earthquake among others)
  • Man-made calamities (theft, burglary, malicious acts, strikes etc)
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third-party legal liability
  • NCB or no-claim bonus to up to 50 %
Car Insurance Policy
  • Insurance for cars. Coverage includes:
  • Natural calamities(fire, flood and others)
  • Man-made calamities (burglary, thefts, strikes etc)
  • Legal liability (property damage, injury, death and others)
  • Personal accident cover of up to Rs 2 lakhs
  • A 24*7 availability of call center
  • oorstep arrangement for renewals and fresh policy purchase

IFFCO Tokio car insurance renewal can be done online or by visiting a nearby branch of the company.

IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

IFFCO Tokio also has the health insurance plans for individuals and for families. These include:

Family And Individual Health Protector Policy
  • Coverage towards both accidents an physical illness
  • Physician/expert advice, accommodation, nursing, operation theater, drugs and medicines, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, pacemaker, organ and other costs included for reimbursement
  • Alternative therapies like Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Unani supported
  • Higher coverage towards critical illnesses such as cancer, kidney failure and others
  • Additional coverage for ambulance charges, pre and post hospitalization, vaccination, daily allowance, and emergency medical services
Swasthya Kavach Policy
  • Both physical diseases and injurious covered
  • Reimbursement of room rent, service/registration charges, nursing expenses, fees of medical practitioners, cost of medicines/blood/oxygen/pacemaker/chemotherapy/radiotherapy/pathological tests etc.
  • Income tax benefit
Individual Medishield Policy
  • Sum insured varies from 50, 000 to Rs 500,000. Provision of multiple policies for individuals so that they can get a greater sum insured(more than 5 Lakhs)
  • Cash free hospitalization in more than 3000 hospitals (physical diseases and injuries)
  • Room rent, registration fee, service charges, nursing expenses, cost of medicines/blood oxygen/pathological tests/OT charges, chemotherapy/pacemaker/artificial limb/ambulance  cost and others covered
Personal Accidental  Insurance Policy
  • Coverage for all accidental incidences
  • Education benefit for the children of the insured (if death occurs)
  • Employment benefits if the limbs are lost
Critical Illness Insurance Policy Coverage towards critical illnesses including renal failure, cancer, organ transplant, bypass surgery, stroke, paralytic attacks and bypass surgery among others
Health Protector Plus Policy The insurance is over and above a certain deductible amount, and covers hospitalization and ambulance charges, drug costs, test costs, cost of radiotherapy and chemotherapy/pacemaker/artificial limbs, alternative therapy costs, and other costs incurred by the policy holder.

IFFCO Tokio Home Insurance

The IFFCO Tokio home insurance plans offer your home towards protection against both natural and man-made calamities. The IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance policies include:

Name of the IFFCO Tokio Home Insurance Plan Features
Home Protector Policy

Coverage for:

  • Fire, riots, water tanks, strike, food cyclone, landslide, malicious damage and strikes, among other perils
  • Burglary and other hazards and perils such as robbery, housebreaking, dacoity and the like
  • Damage caused by nearby accidents such as collapse of electric poles/ tress
  • Damage to the audio and video equipments like TV, DVD players, blue rays, stereo systems and other similar electronic equipments
  • Personal accident cover
  • Damage caused by fire
  • Personal computer
Home Family Protector Policy
  • Single policy that covers all assets, liabilities and interests
  • Coverage towards burglary
  • Fire and related hazards and perils
  • Personal accident cover.

Travel Insurance

IFFCO Tokio also has the lucrative insurance plans towards financial losses that may occur during a travel or journey. The policy covers:

  • Accidents
  • Expenditures associate width loss of baggage, documents including passport
  • Medical expenses
  • Hospital allowance
  • Dental therapy/treatment expenses
  • Loss because of flight cancellation

The policy has a worldwide coverage.

Other Insurance Plans from IFFCO Tokio

IFFCO Tokio also has other insurance plans, some of which are for insuring businesses. These business insurance covers of the company include:

Trade Suvidha Policy

The policy offers protection to the businesses against:

  • Man-made (such as riots and strikes among others) and natural (floods fire etc) hazards and perils
  • Burglary and related incidences
  • Loss of money in the premises or during transportation
  • A personal accident cover
  • Electronic equipment loss
  • Trade Protector Policy

The policy covers all the machines and parts and also covers the natural and man-made perils, loss during transits and other losses.

For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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