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Liberty Videocon General Insurance

Liberty Videocon General Insurance

There is so much choice in Insurance. Getting the best deal is far more easier now, thanks to comparison options available online.

About Liberty Videocon General Insurance

Founded in the collaboration of the Boston-based insurance company Liberty Mutual Insurance Group and India-based Videocon Industries, this is one of the leading service providers in the field of insurance services today.

Operating with its twenty plus offices around 18 cities in India, it aims at expanding its range with more offices being established across the country. With Liberty Mutuals’ 100 years of expertise and experience backing its foundation, its approach is focused on being customer-centric and changes are made in plans and schemes to suit the choices of the people.

Features That Set It Apart From its Contemporaries:

  • Delivers services in a professional, yet in a customer friendly manner
  • Ensures the timely and just settlement of claims each time
  • Consistently comes up with innovative and simplified claim processes to address the needs of the customer
  • It gives preference to the way forward through avoidance of loss
  • When needed, provides the proper risk management advice to customers in need
  • It constantly monitors and evaluates the standards set for the services
  • It is in partnership with most experienced and reliable service providers

Products Offered Under The Umbrella Of Liberty Videocon General Insurance Limited:

It presents a vast portfolio, including all kinds of insurance policies. Apart from the ones mentioned below it also provides engineering insurance, employee benefits, liability insurance and fleet insurance.

  • Travel Insurance Policy
  • Property Insurance Policy
  • Commercial and Industrial Insurance Policy

Details of The Products and Their Policies:

Health Insurance: The following plans are offered under this scheme:

Liberty Health Insurance Policy: Designed to cover all health care and hospitalization needs, this plan comes with three options- Basic, Elite, and Supreme. They include pre and post hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures and any other treatment of such sorts. You can choose it for a period of 1 or 2 years. Keeping in mind the security of future claims, it offers refurbishment of the insured sum benefit and no age-related renewal restrictions. It also offers complimentary health checkups after two years of continuous policy removal.

Liberty Videocon Group Health Insurance Policy: This plan is available on both individual and floater basis for the whole family, covering anyone between the age of 18 and 65 years.

Car Insurance: A comprehensive coverage of car insurance are offered through the following policies:

  • Liberty Videocon Private Car Package Policy: It offers coverage from losses or damage on car caused due to man-made or natural causes. In the case of an accident, it offers a cover of not only the owner-driver but also the rest of the occupants. This policy covers the unforeseen events of fire, theft, explosion, riot, any natural calamity, as well as the damage caused due to terrorist activities.

  • Liberty Videocon Two-wheeler Package Policy: It covers all two wheelers including bikes, scooters, mopeds, auto-cycles and mechanically assisted bicycles. It insures against third party liability as well as any partial damage or total loss of the two-wheeler.

  • Liberty Videocon Accident Insurance: This is the insurance in the case of any unfortunate events leading to permanent or temporary injuries, partial or total disability, and even death. You have the choice of the following plans available under this scheme:

  • Individual Personal Accident Policy: It insures the family against any minor or major unforeseen accident. Its add-on covers include the expenses paid for accidental hospitalization, ambulance hiring charges and anything else unprecedented. It also provides for child education support benefit, life support benefit, legal bail expenses, and loan protector among other things.

  • Janta Personal Accident Insurance Policy: This protection plan is rural and covers for accidental death among other assistances while offering worldwide coverage to its customers. The enrolling age for this plan extends from 5years of age to 75 years. It offers the choice of lifelong renewal, but it has to be renewed each year recurrently.

Liberty Videocon Corporate Insurance: This plan is specifically designed to protect the property and present cover against liability that may arise in businesses, industrial units, engineering firms and other corporations. It presents a wide range of policies within itself:

Liberty Videocon Engineering Insurance: Through its various policies, this scheme covers the construction and infrastructure projects against any loss or damage that may occur during the course of operation.

  • Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy
  • Contractor’s All Risk Policy
  • Contractor Plant and Machinery Insurance Policy
  • Machinery Loss of Profit Insurance Policy
  • Boiler Pressure Plant Insurance Policy
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy
  • Commercial General Liability Policy

Liberty Videocon Property insurance: The following policies under this scheme guard the house against any unforeseen acts of nature or man, such as fire, theft or any natural calamity.

  • Fire loss of Profit Insurance Policy
  • Industrial Risk Insurance Policy
  • Standard Fire Special Perils Cover

Liberty Videocon Employee benefit Insurance: Through the Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy and Employees Compensation Policy, Liberty Videocon presents coverage to its valuable asset- its employees

Liberty Videocon Liabilities Insurance: This policy is aimed to protect professionals such as lawyers, doctors, etc against any claims demanded of them due to the events which occurred while they were carrying out their normal duties. It shields them against any legal disputes such as negligence, malpractice, or injuries occurred while they were fulfilling their responsibilities.

Liberty Videocon Miscellaneous Insurance: This policy covers any aspect of businesses and corporations liability that are not covered under standard policies. It provides the following policies under its umbrella:

  • All risks insurance policy
  • Signage insurance policy
  • Baggage Insurance policy
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy
  • Burglary Insurance Policy
  • Money Insurance Policy
  • Plate Glass Insurance Policy

Liberty Videocon Fleet Insurance: Its Commercial Vehicle Package Policy covers any unforeseen loss or damage incurred to any commercial vehicles. It provides cover for all types of vehicles- two-wheeler and four-wheeler, used for business or carrying customer goods.

Liberty Videocon Marine Insurance: This policy is aimed at covering any loss or damage incurred to cargo when it is under transit by any means of transport- air, rail, road, sea, etc.

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