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Liberty Videocon Health Insurance

The incredible Policy of Liberty Health Connect has been designed to present all hospitalization and healthcare requirements. The complete plan is reasonably priced and flexible along with that, it offers cashless care at each of the hospital associated with the wide network of the company.

The customers can receive health check-up at free of cost after 2 years of continual policy renewal, not dependent on the claims created under the health Policy. Before selecting a health plan, you should compare the health plans of other insurers to make a wise decision.

The Liberty Videocon General Insurance Company Ltd. provides 3 approaches for the premium payment, known as:

  • Cash payment at the branch
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Net banking

Individuals can contact the nearby branch for checking the policy status. They can visit the nearby branch as well as can also renew their policy.

Customers can visit their closest branch personally. They can dispatch the claim form on the mail id of the company. They can do the same by post to the respective company. Generally, the claim will be settled within the period of 7 working days if everything is consistent.

If the respective vehicle is liability covered, then customers can request for the policy cancellation. To do so, they have to visit the closest branch.

Health Insurance Policy
Major Benefits of Purchasing Health Insurance from Liberty Videocon

The Liberty Videocon Health Insurance solutions provide seamless cashless medical insurance nationwide across a large-scale of hospitals’ network. Whenever you purchase Liberty Videocon Health Insurance, you will receive:

  • Renewal Benefits: After continuously 2 years of policy renewal with them, you will get a Health check-up at a free of cost and it is not dependent on the claims that you have made in that time.
  • 15 Day Free Look Period: Due to any reason, if you think that the Health Insurance policy is not suiting your requirements following the purchase, then you can go for policy cancellation within the duration of 15 days from the specific date it was issued.
  • Loyalty Perks: For each of the year in which a customer did not make a claim, his or her sum insured will automatically increase by 10% (and up to 100% of maximum) for that of the basic Sum Insured.
Health Insurance Policies

You can choose a Health Insurance for your every requirement.

Liberty Health Connect Policy:

You will get:

  • Various Sum Insured options from 3-7.5 lakhs
  • Restore benefit to auto-reinstate your sum insured
  • Loyalty Perk from 10% to 100% every claim free year
  • No reduction in unutilized Loyalty Perk

Customers will get:

  • Various Sum Insured options from 2-10 lakhs
  • Loyalty Perk from 10% to 100% every claim free year
  • No reduction in unutilized Loyalty Perk at renewal if claims under the policy
  • Daily cash of Rs. 500/-

The benefits are as follows:

  • Various Sum Insured options from 3-15 lakhs
  • Loyalty Perk from 10% to 100% every claim free year
  • No reduction in unutilized Loyalty Perk at renewal
  • Restore benefit to auto-reinstate your sum insured

The advantages are below:

  • Various Sum Insured options from 2-15 lakhs/li>
  • Loyalty Perk from 10% to 100% every claim free year
  • No reduction in unutilized Loyalty Perk
  • Restore benefit to auto-reinstate your sum insured
Janta Personal Accident Insurance

The particular health insurance product serves to the rural population and it provides the coverage for accidental death and various other accidental benefits.It is conceptualized in providing coverage to people against the accidental deaths and other accidental benefits and it is the Janta Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

Benefits and Features

With an aim of providing Personal Accident Cover to such people, who are residing in rural areas, the vital attributes that the particular assistive insurance policy has come included with, are associated with –

  • Maximum age of eligibility: 75 years
  • Exit Age: Renewable for Life
  • Minimum age for eligibility: 5-18 years (for children)
  • Free look period: A free look period of 15 days is available
  • Term of the policy: 1 year
  • Geographical boundary: Worldwide
Health Connect Supra

It is for whenever one requires adding to his or her Health Cover - Wider Protection, Higher Sum Insured, and Safety.

Individual Personal Accident

Through this Personal Accident Insurance, you can safeguard the future of your family. It has come with Child Education Benefit and it also offers Cost of Transporting Mortal Remains and also for Performing Funeral Ceremony.

Secure Health Connect

It is required while the individuals need adding to his or her Health Cover - Higher Sum Insured along with Wider Protection with Safety.

Nowadays, acquiring health insurance policy in India has become a vital requirement. By considering the changing lifestyle, diet, environment along with other regular factors, individuals should consider about the purchase of health insurance and this aspect is not dependent on someone’s age along with his or her medical condition. Health costs are rising day by day and in this scenario, health insurance policy is a significant need.

Liberty Health Connect Health Insurance - Coverage
Hospitalisation Expenses:

It includes day care treatment along with the in-patient treatment.

Pre-Hospitalisation Expenses:

It includes medical expenses linked to tests, consultations, and medications. It is limited to a count of days, instantly prior to the hospitalization.

Post-Hospitalisation Expenses:

Medical expenses concerning confirmatory tests, follow-up visits, physiotherapy, and medications (restricted to a number of days), immediately following the Hospital discharge.

Domiciliary Hospitalisation Treatment:

Medical expenditures incurred for the treatment that has been taken at the residence, for the sake of the patient’s condition or due to the non-availability of the hospital room.

Hospital Daily Cash Allotment:

In this case, being a health insurance company, they will pay hospital daily cash allowance (per day basis) for non-medical expenditure.

Emergency Ambulance Charges:

Being your health insurance provider, they pay for the insured patient’s transfer to the closest medical facility.

Organ Donor Expenses:

Expenditures incurred for the purpose of screening along with harvesting the organ(s) of the respective donor.

Second Opinion:

In times of policy tenure, they arrange for a specific second opinion for building confidence and assurance in the processes of diagnosis and the proper treatment planning that will be followed.

They also offer Recovery Benefit and Nursing Allowance.


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