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Max Bupa Health Insurance

Max Bupa Health Insurance

There is so much choice in Insurance. Getting the best deal is far more easier now, thanks to comparison options available online.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company

Max Bupa Health Insurance Ltd is a leading insurance provider in India that has been formed through the merger of Bupa Finance plc UK (a health care services provider that are based in the UK) and Max India Limited.

Bupa has been leading the insurance segment globally for the past 6 decades or so and does business in more than 190 countries. The company has a 29-million strong customer base. Max India business group has interests in many segments and is a subsidiary of US$2 billion Max business group. 

The company offers the most caring of international trade policies and has a wide network of offices. The headquarters of the company are located in New Delhi while its other regional offices are present in 11 different major cities across India. The company is also supported by thousands of other offices and agent centers and has a nationwide presence and customer base.

Max Bupa was registered with IRDA as an insurance provider in the year 2010. The company has always maintained and exceeded the expected profits since its inception, and has distributed millions towards claim settlement. Here is a link to a “public disclosure report” of the company which details the tremendous success made by the company in the year 2016.

The Max Bupa health insurance brochure reveals that the company offers a wide variety of healthcare insurance plans, in segments like:

  • Individual
  • Couple
  • Nuclear Family
  • Extended Family

Max Bupa offers its humongous base of customers the facility to renew the insurance and pay the premiums online. It has a customer-friendly cell of customer care executives that are 24* 7 available through calls and chats. The web chats, call centers and other professionals of the company ensure that it has the lowest repudiation rate.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans for Individuals

These plans are well-crafted for the individuals who want to get adequate monetary coverage towards routine diseases and injuries.

Name of the Individual Insurance Plan

Salient Features
            Heartbeat Individual Health Insurance ● Cover options vary from Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 1 Crore, and one can opt for a 1 year or a2 year insurance
● Coverage towards:
#hospitalization expenses
#emergency medical treatment
#diagnostic and pathological test
#alternative treatments
#organ transplant
#maternity benefits
● childcare benefits
● international treatment facility
● ambulance charges
● cashless hospitalization and treatment facility and thousands of network hospitals, situated at all major and minor cities of India
Criticare ● The plan provides the individual coverage against certain deadly and fatal diseases and illnesses and takes care of the humongous costs associated with their treatment.
● Coverage towards treatment of critical and fatal diseases and illnesses such as lung disease, kidney failure, stroke, cancer and the like
● 2 years or 3 year tenure
● Tax saving and benefit
Health Companion Health Insurance Plan for Individual ● Sum insured varies from Rs 5 Lakhs to Rs 12.5 lakhs
● Both pre and post hospitalization charges insured. The policy covers all charges that the policyholder incurs 30 days before hospitalization to 60 days after discharge
Coverage for alternative treatments
● NCB or No Claim Bonus Benefits and a free health check-up each year
● Policy tenure is 2 years
● Hospital cash allowance
● Tax benefit and relaxation

Max Bupa Health Insurance for Couples
Max Bupa offers the unique healthcare insurance plans for both husband and wife.


Name of the Couple Insurance Plan

Salient Features

            Heartbeat Family Floater Plan

● Cover starts at Rs 15 lakhs and ends at Rs 1 Cr.
● International treatment facility for certain specified illnesses
● Diagnostic services and OPD treatment covered
● Coverage towards emergency medical services, pre and post hospitalization expenditure and alternative treatments

Criticare for Couples

● The Criticare plans also has the couple variant and insures both husband and wife towards expenditures that are made towards the treatment of certain critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, and others.

Health Companion Health Insurance Plan for Couples


● The couple version of the policy covers the husband,  wife and up to 4 children at a nominal premium
● Sum insured varies from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 12.5 lakhs
● Coverage towards:
#Alternative treatments (through Unani, Ayurveda, Sidha and Homeopathy therapy modes)
# Pre (30 days before hospitalization) and post(60 days after discharge) hospital expenses covered
# vaccination
# A hospital cash allowance of up to Rs 2000 per day
# Tax saving and benefit

Max Bupa Health Care Insurance Towards Extended Family
Max Bupa also provides the healthcare insurance plans for the large and extended families.

Name of the Extended Family Insurance Plan

Salient Features

Heartbeat Family First Insurance Plan

● The plan protects the large and joint families from health conditions by offering adequate coverage towards a range of diseases and hospitalization scenarios.
● The plan covers up to 14 members of a family
●Each individual of the family gets a definite sum insured
● The floating sum can be used by any of the family members
● Coverage towards:
#Alternative treatments
# Expenses related to pre and post hospitalization
# Day care treatment charges
# Ambulance charges
# Enrollment for any age
# Maternity benefits
# Free health check-ups at the Max Bupa network hospitals

Health Companion Family First Insurance Plan

● The plan covers up to 19 members of a family against injuries, illnesses, and diseases.
● The individual sum insured starts at Rs 1 lakhs and is up to Rs 10 lakhs
● The floater sum that is insured by the policy starts at Rs 3 lakhs and is up to Rs 20 lakhs. The floating sum can be used by all family members
● Coverage towards
# Expenses related to both pre and post hospitalization
# Alternative treatment (AYUSH: Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy)
# Emergency ambulance charges
# Cashless treatment facility and the network hospitals
# Daily tax allowance of up to Rs 2000
● Tax benefit and saving                                              

Apart from these Max Bupa Health Insurance Ltd also has the healthcare plans for the nuclear families. Max Bupa health insurance review reveals that these plans are basically the nuclear versions of the extended family healthcare insurance plans. They cover lesser people and are ideal for those who live only with their parents and children.
The specialist and leading insurance company Max Bupa Health Insurance Ltd got the “Health Insurance Company of the year” award, at the Indian Insurance Awards held in the year 2012. The amalgamation of local know-how and global expertise make Max Bupa the best and leading insurance provider in India. Online Max Bupa health insurance customer care and service representatives are as efficient and trustworthy as the company’s policies, and are a must-have for those who look to protect themselves and their families against medical-related expenditures.

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