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New India is an insurance company that is owned by Multinational Insurance and Indian Government subsidiary. The company has its establishment in over 27 countries worldwide. With its global presence, the company offers multiple insurance plans and coverage. It also offers an effective complaint management structure. The company has also been successful in launching advanced insurance coverage programs. The company is also believed to be offering the best insurance service, provider.

As your vehicle is one of the most important assets, so its protection is very important. You have to protect it from all possible risks and dangers. According to the present vehicle act, it is important to purchase best car insurance. It is important to purchase full car insurance for your vehicle to protect it at the time of an accident. As it is not possible for anyone to predict car accident in advance, so it is important to be prepared well ahead of time.

It is also possible that after an accident, any third party is liable to take you to the court of law for claiming. This may offer vehicle owner with numerous financial and mental the problems. Under this circumstance, vehicle insurance plan proves to be helpful as it offers complete protection for you and your vehicle.

Car insurance can help in eliminating the financial burden and risk that you may face on account of the third party. Without proper car insurance coverage, you may not be able to cover any legal obligations and financial crises.

New India insurance helps in offering coverage against accidental damage and third party damage. One main benefit is that just by investing some extra amount of money, you can purchase additional plan coverage. This can help in offering protection to all other passengers who are present in the vehicle at the time of an accident. The plans are best for employees and well as drivers.

Some best car insurance plan also offers coverage against damage caused by natural calamities like earthquake, cyclones, flood, etc. It is also helpful for coverage against car theft. If you are a member of Automobile Association, vintage car or are using anti-theft devices in your vehicle; then you can also claim for additional discount offers.

Just like any other reputable insurance, you shall be entitled to exclusions and inclusion factors that shall be calculated by the insurer at the time of processing insurance claim. You also have the convenience of renewing your insurance policy online. You can also visit the nearby insurance office and renew your policy. The company offers car insurance that covers all your insurance needs and requirements.

Need for car insurance plan

One of the main reasons for car insurance is the Vehicle Act law. It is expected to purchase the best insurance plan that is helpful in covering all your requirements. New India offers you with all possible coverage at the time of an accident.

The plans are designed to help offer insurance coverage for Private vehicles, Motorcycles, and Scooters. You can also purchase plans for covering commercial vehicles as well as a motor trade for vehicles that are in garage and showrooms.

Types of car insurance coverage

When looking for car insurance, you have two general options:-

  • Plan for liability only.
  • Package plan.
Plan for Liability only

Some of the best features offered by this insurance plan are listed below:-

  • It offers the best coverage for the third party against death or injury. The plan also offers insurance coverage for vehicle owner at the time of an accident.
  • The plan will also offer any damage done to the property to the third party.
  • The plan will offer with coverage of Rs 7.5 lakh for a private or commercial vehicle for the third party. Apart from this, it will cover all liability at the time of injury and death for an unlimited amount. If you are a motorcycle or scooter owner, then you can get coverage for Rs 1 lakh.
Package plan

It will offer with complete coverage of vehicle and all its accessories at the time of accident or damage. Some of the common causes included are mentioned here:-

  • Theft, housebreak or burglary: It will help overall expenses that are not mentioned in theft, burglary or housebreaking.
  • It will also help in covering all expenses on account of the explosion, fire, self-ignition, and lightning.
  • It will also help in covering all losses on account of a malicious act.
  • The plan will also help cover loss on account of terror act and damage.
  • This is a plan that will also cover all loses on account of strike and riots.
  • It will help in covering all loss to your vehicle in case of natural calamities including fire and earthquakes.
  • External means accident coverage.
  • Calamities like landslides, cyclones, hailstorm, flood, rock slide, hurricane, etc.
Important exclusions under the plan

Some important exclusions under this plan are as follows:-

  • Loss on account of consequences.
  • Tear and wear.
  • Not holding a valid driving license.
  • Making use of a vehicle for commercial purpose.
  • Using in another country.
  • Tyre damage.
  • War or civil war loss.

The plan will also offer with coverage for towing of the vehicle from accident place to the garage. It offers Rs 1500 coverage for cars and Rs 300 coverage for scooters and motorcycles. You can also select high premium for including towing charges.

Additional covers

When investing extra money, you can avail additional coverage:-

  • Accessory coverage at the time of an accident.
  • Coverage for a paid driver.
  • Coverage for passengers.
  • Employees’ legal liability.
  • Coverage for other passengers in commercial cars.

Anyone who is holding a registered vehicle and is a license holder under the registered motor act is eligible to purchase vehicle insurance plan. When purchasing the plan you may have to look into a number of other factors including Insured declared value, discounts offered, company plan ratings, etc. As the car is your asset, so you need to assure that you have purchased the best coverage plan.


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