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Oriental Car Insurance

Presently anyone can face any unforeseen situations. This is true for our life as well as for our assets including cars. If faced with any such situation, we may have to lose a big amount of money. One of the most helpful tools at the time of need is our vehicle insurance. Besides, you have to keep in mind that without proper insurance coverage, you cannot drive your vehicle legally.

The insurance plan that you purchase is expected to cover the insurance coverage for your vehicle and your life. It is also helpful in covering the loss for the third party.

Oriental Car Insurance offers you with best insurance coverage for your vehicle. It offers the right level of protection at the time of an accident. It offers buyers with unlimited plans and options. The company always ensures that they try and offer buyers with maximum coverage against any calamity – natural or manmade. It will offer with quick coverage in case of damage, injury or death. It will at the same time also offer with complete coverage to the third party, involved in the accident.

You generally find plans categorized into three distinct categories.

  • Insurance plan for private cars.
  • Insurance plan for commercial cars.
  • Liability only insurance plan.
Key Features of car insurance plans
  • The company offers insurance plans that are best to cater all your needs and requirements.
  • You can select the plans that offer with one-year coverage. Your selection can also be made for shorter period of time
  • You are also provided with online services where you can renew, sell, purchase or claim for any insurance plan or even migrate from one plan to another.
  • You are provided with the alternative benefit of Rs 400 to 600 on account of theft, damage or accident to your vehicle.
  • You may not have to make any payments to use the emergency services.
  • In case of partial damage, complete coverage of the damaged accessories will be provided for payment of slight high premiums.
  • By simple extra payment, any loss of your belongings from inside your vehicle shall also be covered by the insurer.
  • IDV will cover the insured sum of the premium by the insurer.
  • The plan will also offer coverage to the third party in case of any legal obligation involved at the time of injury or death during an accident.
  • The insurance amount will be paid depending on the age of the car from the date of purchase from the car dealer showroom.
  • You can also make a claim for a number of discount offers on the premiums paid.

You can request for multiple discount offers including: -

  • In case of multiple plans, you can request a voluntary deductible.
  • Discount will be offered if you have installed an anti-theft device on your vehicle.
  • If till date the buyer has never made a single claim against the insurance company.
  • Association discount to the buyer.
Four wheeler insurance plan benefits

The plans also include provisions for any damage caused on account of natural calamities including fire, theft, cyclone, earthquake, landslides, frost, hailstorms, flood, etc.

  • Damage or loss on account of other calamities that are man-made including burglary, theft, malicious act, strike, etc. or by any other external means on account of other factors including transit, will be covered under the plan.
  • You can also avail extension plans by investing an extra amount of premium money.
  • It will also cover any loss or damage done to the non-electric or electrical components of the vehicle.
  • It will also offer with complete coverage against part replacement on account of an accident. If you have to replace glass make parts, then no expenses will be covered. When replacing rubber parts then over 50 percent coverage will be provided.
  • If the car needs to be towed after an accident, then the insurance company shall pay for the transit charges from the place of accident to the garage and back to the buyer.
Owner personal accidental coverage

In case you need to take the maximum benefit, then the insurance company will offer you with Rs 2 lakh maximum coverage. This shall be offered by the company to the client in case of injury, death or damage on account of an accident. The same will be provided in case of injury or death at the time of dismounting, mounting or traveling in the vehicle. In case of death, loss of body parts or permanent disability the buyer will be provided with complete coverage.

Vehicle insurance plan for commercial vehicle

In case you are making use of your vehicle for commercial purpose, then this insurance coverage will offer you with the best insurance plan. You have to keep in mind that you may have to travel to a far-off destination on roads that are not well maintained. As the goods, you carry with you may be valuable, so you need an ideal insurance coverage.

Key features
  • It will offer with coverage under the Pan India.
  • It will offer with overage against death in an accident for owner or driver.
  • Liability limits are same as those offered to private cars.
  • It will offer you with one year coverage period time can be extended or reduced.
  • If there is any damage on account of towing, then the insurance will not cover it.
  • If the towing vehicle is illegally towing more than one vehicle, then no insurance will be offered to the buyer on account of an accident.
  • You can make use of its online web portal services for buying, migrating or selling or renewing the policy plan.
  • You are also free to make the renewal of any plan from any virtual or physical location.
  • In case of emergency, free benefits will be offered, and you may not have to pay any extra money for it.
  • Lacks depreciation coverage for the buyer so if you need t replace any parts, then you will be offered with full coverage.
  • In case your personal belongings are lost at the time of theft or accident, then you shall be offered with insurance coverage for your loss.
  • The insurer will also cover all legal obligations made by the third party at the time of injury or death in an accident.

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