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Reliance Car Insurance Policy Features, Benefits and Types

Reliance is a popular name in India. Beginning with telecommunication, retail stores, in insurance and many other domains Reliance has its experience. It has more than 139 offices across locations in India to offer all general insurance policy and services. The company continuously aims at providing exclusive services to its customers. In that sense, you must know about their car insurance policy details and benefits.

Advantages of Buying Reliance Car Insurance:
  • 24/7 on-road support.
  • The TAT in claim settlement is the quickest with Reliance car insurance.
  • Cashless claim settlement happens on more than 2300 networked workstations.
  • The two types of insurance offered include the comprehensive coverage and the third party insurance.
  • Third party liability insurance covers all kind of damage including the body damage, injury, and death happened to a third party. Comprehensive insurance will cover the cost of the individual’s vehicle, driver or the passengers.
  • No claim bonus can be availed for the discount up to 20% during the first year and 25% in the subsequent years.
  • Online plans are offered for privately owned vehicles and do not require any documents to purchase a car insurance plan.
Reliance Car Insurance Policy – Features
  • The car insurance policy is available in Reliance on both commercial and private cars.
  • Towing facility is arranged for shifting the vehicle from the road to the workshop during both accident and breakdown.
  • 24/7 customer support and on-road assistance offered.
  • Key replacement feature can be used by both existing and new customers.
  • Conveyance expense, consumable expense, and accident shield are all provided as an add-on cover under the plan and is purely optional.
  • Further, the company also arranges for cab or accommodation to the travelers when the car breaks down.
Coverage Scope
  • The emergency situation under which the insurance policy helps include Natural and human-made calamities like fire, thunder, flood, etc., riot, theft and similar kind respectively.
  • The insurance package covers the loss for both the owner-driver and the registered-driver.
  • Non-electrical fitting like wheels and seat covers can be replaced under the policy. Electrical accessories including brake lights, music system, etc. also can be covered in the plan.
  • LPG, CNG, or Bi-fuel kit will be covered if they are endorsed in the RC book while purchasing the vehicle.
Add-on Covers Features

One must pay a small amount of additional premium to reap enormous benefits from the insurance company at the time of claiming.

Three effective add-ons associated with Reliance Car Insurance are-

NCB Retention

Buyer can avail some discounts when they do not use their any claim bonus provided they follow some basics as given below.

  • The bonus amount should be at least 25% of the vehicle value.
  • The policy must be renewed within 90 days from the date of expiry of the old plan.
  • Upon approval, the claim must be claimed during the same plan period itself.
Personal Accident Cover

When the vehicle meets with an accident, and the damage happens to the owner-driver, then a claim can be made for the vehicle damage and the person’s body damage, injury or even death.

  • If the buyer of the policy dies, then the company will pay Rs. Ten Lakhs.
  • Also, for permanent disability, the company compensates Rs. Ten Lakhs.
  • For limb separation, eyesight loss the company compensates up to 10 lakhs.
Motor Secure Plus Plan Covers against no depreciation, consumable expenses, and engine malfunction-

No Depreciation

Due to the aging process, the value of the car reduces, this is called depreciation. The Reliance Insurance claim settlement does not consider the car value and reimburses at face value of the loss incurred to the car. But, with few conditions, as mentioned below:

  • Only on private cars, this feature can be utilized and also not more than twice in a year.
  • If there is a partial loss, then the settlement can be only on servicing in the networked workshops.
Consumable Expenses

If the car gets damaged and when the damage is covered is covered in the scope of the plan, then the consumable expenses will be reimbursed. The consumables covered will include, include the following.

1. Wheel Balancing Weights

2. Washers

3. Fuel Filter

4. Coolant

5. Clip

6. Bearings

7. Battery Electrolyte

8. Ac Refrigerant

9. Oil

a. Engine

b. Gear Box

c. Power Steering

d. Ac Gas

e. Brake

Conditions for reimbursement are same as that of the no depreciation clause.

Engine Cover:

Damage caused to the engine can be reimbursed in this add-on policy, and that must be claimed within seven days from the date of loss.

Motor Secure Premium Plan:

This plan covers the same as applicable to the motor secure plus and additionally it includes the critical guard coverage.

KeyGuard Cover – Private Cars:

Under this plan, the private cars can get their locks repaired or replaced. The repair charge includes the locksmith’s service charges.

The claim is also allowed on the damage caused to the key or the lock by the robber while attempting to open the car with an intention to loot the vehicle.

Before Purchasing This Plan Remember The Following
  • The claim cannot exceed two during one policy period. This means that you must be careful and must not give rooms to loss of key often.
  • When you claim for the critical repair or replacement, then you must first report the incident to the nearest police station that comes under the jurisdiction where the key theft happened. Also, you must obtain an FIR – First Information Report copy from then.
  • The claim is eligible only on similar featured lock and key set. For instance, you have lost a key that opens manually and replaces with an automatic key set; then it may not be possible to claim for the full reimbursement.
  • You need to act and claim within seven days from the date of damage and FIR obtained.
  • Replacement is possible for damaged and broken keys.
  • The complete set must be replaced when the key is lost and only then claim is possible.

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