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Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Plan

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance is a well-known name in the Indian market. It earned the title of being the first private sector general insurance company in India. It offers insurance for family, individuals, health, business, and vehicles. It has also gained experience in the UK market and stands number two in providing insurance services. Several unique features offered by them and their valuable expertise in different countries make them premier and most liked insurance company by people.

Why Royal Sundaram for Your Car Insurance?
  • Cashless claim facility across any workshop in India.
  • Offers 24/7 roadside assistance during accidents with its dedicated helpline number that is reachable all through the calendar year for support.
  • When the insurance renewal has not happened on time, then with a quick inspection the insurance can be obtained within 24 hours.
  • Devoted Relationship Manager works with a commitment to resolve all issues on time.
Basic Coverage Details

1. This is the primary insurance plan offered by Royal Sundaram. This policy covers loss happened to both the car and the owner.

2. The third party legal liability can be covered up to 7.5 lacs on the occurrence of death or permanent impairment of leg, hands, eyes, etc.

3. During the accident, the sufferings caused to the owner, vehicle, driver, and the passengers will be included in the coverage.

4. 5% discount is offered on self-damage premium or Rs 200 if the person is part of the AAI whichever is lesser.

5. One hundred rupees discount can be obtained on the third party basic premium.

6. No claim bonus can be transferred from any other company policy if renewed online.

7. If one chooses for a voluntary deduction of Rs 15000/-, then he/she can get 35% discount on self-damage premium up to a maximum of Rs 2500/-.

Why Royal Sundaram for Your Car Insurance?
  • Damage or loss occurred to the car can be due to human-made mishap or natural catastrophe.
  • Poor vehicle condition due to aging, wear and tear of the parts, drunken driving, a driver without a license, etc. cannot be accepted for reimbursement under the Royal Sundaram Car Insurance plan.
  • Third party liability includes the insurance company will compensate damage of third parties property, the death of the third party, or injury that made them permanently disabling. Provided all details are approved in writing at the time of purchase of the insurance.
  • Personal accident covers up to 2 lacs on the death of the driver or injury caused.
  • Basic coverage premium includes as given in the benefits section. Point number 4, 5, and 7.
Add-on Coverage

The additional benefits offered by Royal Sundaram Car Insurance include:

  • Paid driver and other reportee to the insured person as employee drives the car.
  • Personal Accident Cover up to 2 lakhs for the driver or the co-passenger who dies or inures in the accident.
  • Replacement of CNG, LPG kit, electrical parts, non-electrical or the electronic components can be claimed for recovery.
Unique Eight Add-on Coverage Features of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance
  • Irrespective of the DEPRECIATION value of the car one can get the maximum amount for their claim.
  • Replacement and repair of the rear and the front WINDSHIELD GLASS can be availed without touching the NCB for the next succeeding year.
  • When one agrees to a VOLUNTARY DEDUCTIBLE amount, then they can get reduction up to 35% on their premium.
  • One can insure the car to the FULL INVOICE PRICE that is hundred percent of the listed price.
  • On occasion of accident or loss of the car, one can make use of the SPARE CAR CLAUSE and get conveyance allowance.
  • Even there is a feature that allows the owner to get paid for the loss of the personal belongings under the LOSS OF BAGGAGE clause.
  • Engine repair charges can be recovered during the monsoon season under the ENGINE PROTECTOR plan.
  • Up to 50% of the discount can be obtained on your NO CLAIM BONUS.
Online Insurance Plan Benefits
  • One can save time by not traveling to the physical office for purchase the insurance and can quickly get the work done with a computer and internet connection.
  • The process is simple that involves only three steps of filling the form, calculate the premium, and make the payment.
  • Very minimal documents are required for purchasing the insurance.
  • Payment options are quite flexible, and one can choose the best method suiting their way and make payment.
  • 24/7 online support is available to help customers to get clarifications.
  • You can avail exclusive discounts when you decide to pay using the online portal.
Renewal Benefits
  • You are allowed to renew your car insurance plan with Royal Sundaram from any other insurer. Also, the no claim bonus can be transferred. But, presenting the policy details is mandatory.
  • If you forget to renew your policy on time, then don’t worry, follow few steps and get it is renewed.

1. Intimate the online representative for a vehicle inspection at your house and will give you a quote.

2. Then the company will reach out to you for the premium amount payment.

3. You can complete the whole process in 24 hours after the inspection. Also, the check is valid for 24 hours only.

Insurance for Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicle means vehicles used for business purposes. Up to seven-seater vehicle is considered for the insurance with the features given below.

  • This insurance covers damage and loss caused to the vehicle in an accident.
  • Coverage of damage or loss caused due to human-made disasters including fire, vehicle transit, riot, strike, and other similar activities.
  • Damage caused due to natural catastrophe including the storm, cyclone, and others. Will be covered in the plan.
  • Third party liability owed to the injury, disability or death of a person or property damage.
  • Personal accident cover offers a maximum of Rs 2 lakhs on account of injury, death, or permanent disability.

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