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Royal Sundaram’s Two Wheeler Insurance

Two-wheeler is a need and no longer a want. It is a must to have a vehicle for making life easy to commute. A two-wheeler stands a better chance in metro cities to reach places quickly midst of the traffic.

But, the risk associated with driving a two-wheeler is enormous as the vehicle is open and only the helmet covers the head. The easy to operate makes it more challenging to overcome accidents. Thus it is essential to take an insurance to recover any loss due to disasters. Also, theft of two-wheelers is easy compared to other vehicles including four vehicles because of its size.

And hence Royal Sundaram offers two wheeler insurance with great features. It is a well-known and reputed company which is the first company obtaining a license from the IRDA as early as October 2000. They offer many insurance policies including the health, home, business, travel, accident, and vehicle insurance.

Need for Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

It is a fact that the insurance purchased can cover the expenses involved in repairing the vehicle that is damaged in the accident or any other event. Apart from that, the other advantages offered by Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance will allure you to buy the policy.

  • The policy once taken can protect your vehicle for three years. Yes, it is one insurance providing security for three years.
  • One can quickly renew the insurance for up to a maximum of three years. The policy that can be extended need not be Royal Sundaram’s but any other company’s two-wheeler vehicle insurance.
  • The policy covers comprehensive and complete coverage of the vehicle, the accessories, and protects the insured life as well. Further, it compensates for the death or disability of the third party’s legal liability.
  • The process of transferring your policy from any insurance company to Royal Sundaram is quick and easy. No harassment in the name of document verification etc.
  • The claim settlement takes no longer than ten days to complete the entire process.
Key Features

Royal Sundaram takes every step keeping customer in mind. The features of their insurance package will explain it in detail further.

  • Premium can be paid one time instead of waiting for monthly payments. Some discount is offered for those who opt to make single premium payment.
  • The two-wheeler insurance policy can cover for a maximum of three years from the date of commencement of the insurance. You can pay the premium once and rest assured for three years without any reminders on renewal etc. But, the coverage is same as that of other company offering for a single year. Also, the premium is lesser compared to additional company yearly premium
  • No or zero claim bonus is protected, and you can avail it anytime you wish to during the next policy period.
  • Even at the time of inflation, the Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance policy protects you. The premium amounts do not change after you make the payment irrespective of the market fluctuations.
  • The documentation process is simple all you need is your vehicle RC book, driving license to get insurance from Royal Sundaram. These papers hold suitable for the entire three years.
Coverage Details
  • The two-wheeler insurance covers both the loss and damage due to human-made and natural calamities. Natural calamities include storm, cyclone, earthquake, landslide and similar events. Human-designed disaster includes theft, fire, explosion, accidents, or transit of vehicle on road, rail and another medium.
  • The policy covers up to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh on account of death or disability of personal accidents. This means that the damage or loss of the insured in an accident will let him or his family claim one lakh on account of death or injury. For a third party legal liability, the coverage includes unlimited, and the situation is accessed for a claim settlement.
  • Additionally, an AAI member can get extra 5% discount on individual damage premium. AAI stands for Automobile Association India.
  • Pillion riders also get some coverage with Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance. This amount varies based on the premium amount paid and will be mentioned in the policy in detail.
Claim Staking Details

The claim settlement process is quick and straightforward with Royal Sundaram. One can claim the request using any of the following options- reporting in person, sending another person with an authorization letter, via email or phone.

Keep the following conditions in mind-

1. One must not involve in kind of repair or service to the damaged vehicle before the insurance company is informed of the occurrence. Also, it has to be inspected by the insurance company.

2. The inspection will be carried out by the group only after the claim request is raised by the insured. After an investigation, a detailed report is given to the policyholder by the respective stakeholder of the insurance company.

3. Claim request will be verified with the original RC book and the driving license for which the copy is submitted during the insurance buying process by the customer. The originals will be checked and returned.

4. The claim request form must be filled along with the surveyor’s signature regarding the inspection report and cost estimation. If it is a company owned vehicle, then the company seal must be obtained.

5. Any additional documents asked for by the company on occasion of any doubts; the policyholder must duly submit them without any argument. Checking any relevant report like FIR papers or other is at the sole discretion of the insurance company.

6. Re-inspection also can be done, and the customer is expected to support such events.

7. In case of reimbursement claim, the customer must produce all bills in original, and the insurance company has the rights to verify them with the own workshop before releasing the payment.

Overall, given the benefits and features of the two-wheeler insurance offered by Royal Sundaram, it is worth spending some time in following the process for claiming the settlement


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