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Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. is a JV between M/s. Tata Capital Growth Fund, M/s. ICICI Ventures Funds Management, M/s. Sequoia Capital, M/s. Alpha TC Holdings Pte Ltd, Singapore, and M/s. Oman Insurance Company, UAE. It has started its journey and got approved by IRDA in the year of 2006. It is the first standalone insurance establishment in India. Star Health and Allied Insurance Company make sure hassle-free and direct claim settlement facilities.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd has been recognized with a range of accolades and awards.

Why Should One Purchase Star Health insurance Policies?

The Star Health Insurance has been continuously performed its operations with excellence for more than the decade in the country. That is why; it has turned out to be one of the most trusted and most sought-after health insurers.

For the sake of outstanding collection of customer-oriented services, high-quality facilities, and best rates, Star Health Insurance has placed a standard in the domain of the Indian health insurance.

Star Health Insurance issues Health insurance policies to both of the individuals as well as families and along with that, they provide inclusive financial protection against different medical emergencies, such as surgical expenses.

Star Health Insurance Co. Ltd. provides numerous health plans added to an array of facilities and benefits for customers related to all backgrounds.

Underneath is a description, describing the reasons for choosing Star Health Insurance for Purchasing:

The Star Health Insurance Company provides direct in-house settlement and it is not involved with a third party for claim settlements.

The company is popular for easy, hassle-free, and fast health insurance claim settlements.

Policyholders get instant access to the incredible facility - cashless hospitalization And reimbursement facility and they get the same in more than 7000 network hospitals across India.

It is involved with a vast presence with more than 6000 branch offices across the country.

The Star Health Insurance Company provides personalized doctor visit facility for all the customers, who are hospitalized.

Star Health Insurance Plans - List
  • Star Family Health Optima Insurance
  • Star Comprehensive Insurance
  • Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Insurance
  • Star Health Gain Insurance
  • Star Diabetes Safe Insurance
  • Star MediClassic Insurance
  • Star Net Plus Insurance
  • Star Super Surplus Insurance
  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance
  • Star Unique Health Insurance
  • Star Student Care Insurance
  • Star Criticare Plus Insurance
  • Star Wedding Gift Insurance
  • Star Care Insurance
  • Rural Star Family Delite Insurance

Some of the Plans are described below:

Star Family Health Optima Insurance

The particular Star Health Insurance Plan offers coverage for both the individual and family at a budget-friendly price.

Key Features:
  • It will be issued in a form of a single policy that will cover health insurance for the whole family.
  • The customers will get an amazing feature of auto-recharge that implies that they can get their policy recharged for up to 30 percent automatically of the sum assured without any additional cost.
  • The insurer reimburses a maximum of Rs. 5000 every three years against the expenditure experienced for health check-ups in times of the policy tenure.
  • The insured might also provide an application for automatic restoration linked to the sum assured by the particular policy whenever the existing sum finishes.
  • The health insurance company offers an auto cover for each of the new-born babies in the particular family.
  • Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. offer coverage for expenditures experienced in the scenario of organ transplantation.
  • The particular insurance scheme offers coverage for 400+ daycare processes that have to be followed in times of the treatment session.
  • The specific Star Health Insurance Policy is obtainable on floater basis along with the sum insured floats among every individual insured under this specific policy.
  • Any Indian citizen having the age between 18 years to 65 years can apply for the particular scheme.
  • An infant with the age of 16 days and above is allowed for the coverage under the particular scheme.
  • For individuals exceeding the age of 65 years, the specific policy can be renewed for the lifetime.
Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Insurance

The particular Star Health Insurance Policy is expanded to senior citizens over 60 years of age.

Key Features:
  • With the particular health insurance policy, the customers do not require to appear for a specific pre-policy medical screening.
  • This Red Carpet insurance policy offers coverage for inpatient hospitalization expenditures, such as room rent, nursing fee, medication, anesthetics, and various such other related expenses.
  • The Star Health and Allied Insurance firm offer coverage against a range of pre-existing diseases following 12 months of waiting period.
  • The senior citizen health Insurance policy provides coverage for expenditures linked to outpatient treatment. Nevertheless, the specific facility is available only for enquires with the specific hospitals.
  • Reimbursements made in form of lump sum payment post-hospitalization.
  • The particular health insurance scheme offers coverage for particular daycare processes along with that, for transportation expenditures up to the defined limits.
  • It can be utilized in a form of individual insurance plan.

Eligibility: Any individual lying between 60 years to 75 years of ages can select the particular plan.

Star Comprehensive Insurance

This specific Star Health Insurance Policy offers Mediclaim cover for the customer’s whole family, and it has been issued on a floater basis.

Key Features:
  • In this scenario, no upper limit has been specified for cost against room rents and treatment payment.
  • It offers automatic health insurance coverage for new-born children along with it, it offers maternity advantages.
  • You are given the coverage against expenditures experienced for utilizing outpatient ophthalmic treatment.
  • The specific health insurance scheme offers coverage for 405-day care processes to be obeyed in times of the treatment session.
  • It provides coverage for the occurrence related to the personal accident that results in persistent disability or in the unexpected death without demanding an extra.
  • It provides additional advantages, such as Bariatric surgeries, health check-ups, support for air ambulance, etc. at no extra cost.

Any individual lying between the 18 years to 65 years of age groups can choose this specific plan. Dependent children between 3 months to 25 years of age group can get advantage from this particular scheme.

You can also check the details of other Plans along with other important factors.


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