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Assurance and Approval of Best Health Plans by the United India Health Insurance

In this huge market of insurance companies, there are a large number of companies with various benefits to keep you and your family secured. The plans are designed not only with a visionary act of tackling unforeseen scenarios, but also stay reasonable in the customer's pockets. Among the best policy providers, United India Health Insurance policy has been known to offer a great scheme for the betterment of the policyholder's life.

United India Health Insurance Assured Plans and Guidance

1) Medicare plan provided for families: Medicare offers secured plan with comprehensive coverage for medical treatment under a single sum insured. It has coverage for children under the age group of 3 to 18 years, provided both the parents are insured. The entire insurance scheme has a high amount in comparison to other healthcare insurances. Another very important facility offered by United India Health Insurance is the cashless facility in more than 7000 hospitals across India. All the premiums are exempted from income tax for the spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents of the policyholder.

  • Insurance Coverage Area:Expenses in this scheme are very less, which is only 1% payable for rooms, boarding, nursing etc. Moreover, the ICU expenses go up to 2% of the sum insured. It has coverage for the policyholder to provide the best medical treatment, the best doctors, surgeon, anesthetics, blood transfusion, dialysis, testing laboratory, pacemaker, and other medical services. One can also claim for expenses on pre-hospitalization as well as post-hospitalization for both government and private hospitals with this policy.
  • Every initiative is taken on the part of this insurance policy to give the best treatment and wellness services. Furthermore, all the activities are covered within a limited range and all the possible care is given to the insured.

    2) 2014 family care insurance plan:Ensuring benefits and coverage of extended family, reimbursement of hospitalization at the reasonable rate is incurred on an ambulance that can provide emergency services. Moreover, other incentives of United India Health Insurance services include a surgeon for immediate treatments, blood donation, anesthetics, etc. There is also the availability of expenses for daycare services with 24 hours advanced medical surgeries that may require immediate hospitalization. Expenses can also be claimed for radiotherapy, dialysis, nursing or surgical procedures.

    3) Encompassing the Gold Plan of Insurance:This plan encompasses the care and medical protection of ailment, surgeries, diseases, and hospitalization. This scheme is available for ages between 36 and 60 years. The sum insured can be raised up to fifty thousand from the minimum amount of 1 to 5 lakhs. Cashless facility is available in many parts of India. On the total premium, a 5% discount is taken for self or for any other family member including the dependent children.

  • Coverage of Gold Plan: There are various assured benefits in the gold plan, which includes coverage for low expenses up to 2%. This plan may cover expenses for surgeries, blood transfusion, illnesses, expenses payable for rooms, boarding, nursing etc. Moreover, the ICU expenses that may occur can be claimed up to 2% of the sum insured. If in case a person insured rents for a high rate room entitled to this category shall be limited to his charges. This will however not be included in his expenses under United India Health Insurance.
  • 4) Insurance of Mediclaim Plan Offered for Individual:This plan is designed mainly to cover the expenses of hospitalization for individual or his family members. In addition, it also includes protection against any diseases or any injury caused due to an accident. Facility for cashless services is also provided in more than seven thousand hospitals in the country. United India Health Insurance has hassle-free proceedings that reimburse many expenses.

  • Benefits of this plan: This plan offers benefits of expenses for rooms, boarding, and nursing, expenses towards medical practitioner blood, oxygen, OT charges, dialysis, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and cost of organs, etc. Expenses are also claimable on patients who are treated at their homes who need cannot be moved to a hospital. Mediclaim has coverage for all these and many more.
  • 5) The Platinum Plan Offered by United India Health Insurance:This plan has the coverage of comprehensive hospitalization towards illness injury sustained during the policy period or any surgeries that the insured has to undergo. It is available for the age group of 18 to 36 years. It also has provisions for dependent children provided their parents covered concurrently.

    6) Insurance Plans for Senior Citizen:It is a specialized plan designed to provide privileges for people under the age group of 61 to 81 suffering from old age diseases. Insurance sum insured is 1 lakh up to 3 lakhs. Benefits of rooms, boarding are provided by hospitals, expenses of medicine and medical treatment is also incurred.

    7) Top up planning scheme of United Insurance:An aggregate hospitalization or reimbursement of health insurance policy, it covers a range of floater or individual basis. With a single sum of the amount insured, all family members are able to have the coverage. The benefits covers are the reimbursement and the expenses that do not exceed the threshold limit.

    8) Top up Plans Concerning Health:For individual or family members this plan covers the amount reimbursed on them. With a single policy, all family members can take advantage of this insurance. Parents may also opt for other policy if required.

    9) Insurance under UNI Criticare:This is the care unit where you can invest in critical condition; it is full-fledged medical care. It has coverage for the most of the critical illnesses such as cancer, bypass surgery or organ transplant. Cashless facility is also available.

    10) Plan under workmen Medicare:It is the best suited for people working in factories, commercials, workers, employers who may face accidents in situations related to employment. This scheme provides the ambulance for the injured. It has coverage for all the courses of medical treatment as well.

    Every initiative is taken on the part of insurance policy to give the best treatment and wellness services. All the activities are covered within a limited range and all the possible care is given to the insured. Health insurance policy ensures that you get your expense reimbursement and cashless treatment. The United India Health Insurance understands every aspect and needs of every person insured.


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