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Invest Rs. 5.1 K/month & Get Dual Benefits Rs. 18.17* Lac Return + 6* Lac Life Cover

Achieve Your Financial Goals With Huge Returns - Low Risk Investment Benefits
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Compare and Buy Compare different plans from 20+ copmanies and get the best plan according to your need. Dont forget to look features like Maturity Benefits & Risk Cover
Save Tax Up To Rs. 46350 From premium of ₹ 1.5 Lakhs under section 80C for individual in highest tax bracket(30%) where Health & Education Cess is 4% of Income Tax.
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What Are Investment Plans?
To put in simple words, Investment Plans are the financial instruments one creates to secure the future financially and build a substantial amount to cater to unforeseen circumstances. Thus, Life Insurance products are often used as investment plans, because they not only secure life, but also help to create wealth for future. There are other forms of investment plans which are discussed in a separate section on this website. No matter what the event or phase, Investment Plans work for you at all times! Be it funding your child’s education, commemorating a special occasion like marriage, battling an unexpected injury, or gaining access to a steady flow of income at retirement! Well-structured investment plans assist you in accumulating wealth and creating a corpus, so that you are always ready to meet life’s key milestones and daunting challenges, without having to give up on your financial stability!
Benefits of Investments Plans
  • Generate Income and/or Capital Gains The biggest advantage lies in the multiple avenues they offer for earning some extra income in the form of bonuses (guaranteed & non-guaranteed), dividends, interests, and much more. Then there is also the option to earn capital gains from sale of equities, debts, mutual funds, and even real estate.
  • Accumulate Future Wealth The road to wealth creation cannot be traversed without a sound and solid investment plan. Opting for a Life Insurance policy enables one to build a corpus of money, which gets accumulated through the returns earned by investing in equity/debt funds over a long term horizon.
  • Avail Tax Benefits These plans bring with them an array of tax benefits. While the premiums paid towards life insurance policies are covered under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, the maturity/death proceeds are also tax-free under Section 10(10D).
  • Guard Against Risks Life is unpredictable and no one knows when one might need to encounter contingencies head on! For all those emergency situations, an investment plan works as a safety net in financial terms, and allows one to guard himself and his family from life’s unexpected turns.
Types of Investment Plans?
Investment plans aid in meeting the long term financial goals of an individual. Investment insurance plans can be broadly classified into the following:
Traditional or Guaranteed Plans Helps meet your life protection requirements and keeps your money invested in low risk return options. At maturity, the policy holder receives guaranteed proceeds along with accrued bonuses, if any.
Unit Linked Policies (ULIPs) Help you to invest in a variety of funds, including equity, debt, & hybrid, according to your risk appetite and financial goals. While the risk is borne by the policy holder, these policies do offer the opportunity of enjoying great returns and amassing a hefty amount of money at the time of maturity.
Life Insurance Policies Life insurance policies offer the dual benefit of life protection and investment for fund building. Depending upon the risk taking ability and financial commitments, one can opt for a traditional insurance plan which offers stability & guaranteed returns, or a unit linked policy, which provides high returns coupled with an elevated level of risk.
Endowment Plans These are typical and traditional insurance products which come with life cover but with very low profits. These are for the individuals who are looking for guaranteed profits on their investment, but with a higher life cover. Ideal for those who want their small funds safe and secure, with a certain amount of profits on their assets.
Compare & Choose Best Investment Plans?
There are multiple Investment insurance companies and each one has different Investment plans to offer. Primarily, Investment Insurance is entirely based on individual needs and priorities. If you don’t compare Investment insurance plans and buy the first policy you come across, then you might lose out on some important benefits or lower premiums. Here at Easypolicy, we are committed to give you right and best information. Therefore, we bring to you some of the advantages of comparing Investment plans to enjoy maximum benefits out of them:
  • Investment Amount vs Total Benefit Compare different plans and go for one with better returns against your Investment.
  • Partial Withdrawal See if your choosen plan offer the benefit of "Partial Withdrawal" means you can withdraw a certain portion of your maturity benefit during the policy term.
  • Risk Level Some of the Investment plans are Market linked plans (ULIP) which are directly linked to performance of market, they usually give better returns but also have risk factor. If you want risk free investment go for Guaranteed plans which give lower returns but are risk free
  • Funds Available in ULIP plans companies allot different sets of funds, you have the option to choose the fund, you can switch the fund after reviewing the past performance.
  • Risk Cover Ivestment plan offer a risk cover, in case of any mishappening
  • Rider Available you can also opt for Accidental Death Benefit, Accidental Permanent Total/ Partial Disability Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit , Family Income Benefit, Waiver of Premium Benefit
  • Plan Benefits Compare the plan benefits like Premium allocation charges, Loyalty Additions and Wealth Booster, Free fund switches etc.
  • ExclusionsCompare the any extra Terms and conditions comes as exclusions
  • Charges Applied By Companies Companies charge you for Premium Allocation, Policy Administration, Fund Management, Mortality, Switching, Premium Redirection go for the company with minimum charge
How Easypolicy Helps You To Choose The Best Investment Plan?
Considering the wide range of life insurers operating in the market, together with their overwhelming array of investment plans, zeroing-in on the best financial product becomes a difficult task! Easypolicy aspires to bridge this gap and help investors navigate through the complexities of buying the most suitable investment plan for themselves and their family! Here’s how Easypolicy helps you to choose the best investment plan for yourself:
  • We Make Insurance Easy We have ensured to keep this site as simple as possible. This helps you to search different Investment products in an easy manner and have access to any and every information about the insurance products in a user-friendly way.
  • Advanced Feature Filters Easy Policy will help you to find Investment plan that meet your specific requirements. In case you want plans with certain features, our advanced feature filters can shortlist them for you in no time so that you only buy what you need.
  • Exper Advice Our quick-response experts are always there to assist you before, during or after your purchase. We will guide about every nitty gritty of insurance and help you choose the best Investment policy.
  • Easy Paperwork & Documentation One of the most cumbersome processes while buying insurance is considered to be filling up of the forms. Easy Policy simplifies it for you by providing easy-to-understand forms that can be filled without any expert guidance. Even we will ensure that documents will be picked up from your place and submitted with the insurance company.
  • Dedicated Claim Desk Handling claims is the responsibility of the insurance company, but Easy Policy guides you through every step of the process. We will assist you throughout right from filling of the forms till you receive your claims.
  • Policy Tracker We have a robust system in place to keep a track on your insurance policy. From the moment you buy a Investment plan, we will track it so as to help you with adequate reminders, sort out any grievances, ensuring delivery of policy documents on time and help with the entire claim process.