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car insurance add-ons

Now with many add-on Coverage features, you can get the full Premium amount on any damage or loss. This is because, your Insurance Agent can now offer you several ancillary or add-on coverage features. These are the additional features and you have the choice to either add them or not. When you add a feature, there will be an additional premium amount that you will have to pay. So you must go for only those features you find really useful and worth the money you dish out.

Important features of some of the significant add-on coverage policies are:
  • Daily Allowance Cover-The Insurer will protect you by giving a daily allowance up to Rs.500-Rs.3000/- per day if your car meets with an Accident and is under repair.
  • Medical Expenses Cover- The insurance company will protect you by covering all medical expenses in case of injury to you and the other Insured persons while travelling in the car.
  • Duplicate Keys Cover- What if you need a set of duplicate keys for your car? Now, the insurance companies will bear this cost too as part of the add-on cover.
  • Lost or Damaged Baggage Cover- Loss of Baggage Cover provides compensation in case the baggage in your car is lost or damaged.
  • Zero- Depreciation cover- Depreciation in the value of the car is a worrying factor for most car owners. It is one of the most attractive add-on cover. With this cover, depreciation is not applied on parts replaced due to accident, plastic parts in case of limited loss and so on. So the insurance cover will take care of the cost towards the replacement of these parts.
  • Life-time Road Tax Cover - With this cover, your life-time road tax too will be paid in the event of complete damage of your vehicle, or if you have lost the vehicle due to theft.
  • Full Invoice Price Insurance Cover- You can now insure your new car for the full 100% of the price quoted by the manufacturer i.e. the list price. Typically, for a new car insured for the first time, the insurance is done for 95% of the list price. This cover is available only for vehicles not more than 3 years old, which are also being manufactured at the time and are not outdated.
  • Road Assistance Cover- You will be given full roadside assistance in case of a breakdown. The cover includes providing a duplicate car key, five liters of fuel and so on.
These and many more add-on features will make the lives of car owners much easier with their car insurance being more purposeful now. However, as they are additional features and you have to pay an additional premium amount , you must be very cautious about the features you choose to keep and those you don’t want to keep.