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car insurance coverages

There are coverages for almost every type of car damage you may imagine. To avail the best one for you, all you need to do is look for the most suitable option and grab it smartly. This will help you enjoy the benefits of insurance Policy claims.

Car insurance coverages can be divided into two broad categories; comprehensive car insurance policy and third party car insurance cover.

Comprehensive car insurance:

This insurance policy is designed to offer comprehensive cover to the insurance holder for any damages caused to Insured car and its major accessories. It covers perils related to natural calamities and unexpected accidents excluding vehicle crash or rollover. The major coverages under this policy include fire, hailstorm accidents, accidents caused because of wind, destruction, typhoon, hurricane, theft, riots, burglary, breaking into house and flood or hitting of any animal etc. If the vehicle is laid back in the garage and not in use at the time of above mentioned damages, the policy will still provide cover. In addition, the policy protects the legal interest of insurance holder against third party Legal Liability cover.
Third Party car insurance cover:

The third party car insurance provide financial Coverage to the insurance holder against any damage caused to third party. The Term ‘third party’ includes walkers on the side of road, passengers while traveling in the insured vehicle. The insurance policy is designed to make compensation payment to these individuals if any unfortunate event such as accidental damage or death caused to them falls under third party insurance policy.

Apart from the above stated two major categories, the types of car protection coverages offered to the Policyholder can be explained as follows:

Personal injury cover:
If any physical damage is caused to the policyholder due to an unfortunate event of Accident occurred; it is covered by the insurance company.

Material damage cover:

If the third party has suffered through any material damage, such as car destruction during the accidental event, the insurance company is liable to provide coverage to it.

Medical expenditures:

During any physical damage to policy owner and other passengers traveling with him/her due to an unforeseen event covered under the policy, covered under the policy, the insurance company is responsible to make payment for medical expenses taken place.
Coverage for uninsured and under insured driver-During the specific cases of uninsured or under insured vehicle under some insufficient policy, there are certain coverage offered including physical damage cover to the inattentive driver and material damage caused to the vehicle.

Physical damage to vehicle in certain conditions-The insurance company is liable to make payment for insured car for a number of physical damages caused by road collision or due to any other unforeseen event.

To avail the above mentioned coverages, all you need to do is to pay insurance Premium on a regular basis to the company.