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Car insurance Premium is a mandatory expense that you need to bear every year if you own a car. The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 makes it mandatory that every vehicle should have  a valid insurance Policy that at least covers for the third-party liability. This means, you must have insurance that covers for damage or injuries met by the third person because of an Accident for which the Policyholder is accountable.
However, this policy is very basic and does not cover the injuries met by the policyholder or damage caused to the car. If you love your car, you’ll want to go for a more comprehensive motor insurance policy which covers you and your vehicle also. This type of vehicle insurance cover offers great financial protection if your vehicle gets damaged, is stolen or if you get injured because of car accident.

Why we need to compare car insurance policy?

As the car insurance is mandatory, there is an overwhelming demand for motor insurance on the market. To cater to this demand, there are large number of insurance companies, each offering more incentives, Riders and discounts to entice the customers. Many times, insurance companies tend to mis-guide people by adding several clauses in their terms and conditions. Customers may not read all these or may not be able to comprehend the financial jargon mentioned under the policy terms. In such a situation, customers find it hard to make a correct assessment of various insurance policies and take a suitable decision.  Insurance comparison websites works as a friendly tool in the hands of such customers. They can use the services of such websites to compare insurance quotes, incentives and riders and take a decision that best fits their need without getting biased or influenced by glib talks of insurance agents.

Advantages of comparing insurance policy:

•Search for policies with cheapest premium – By comparing various insurance policies you can choose a policy that offers lowest premium rates. Especially, those who are on budget and want to save on the premium costs will stand to benefit if they compare insurance policies before buying one. Insurance experts opine that people can make a significant saving on their premium expenses by comparing insurance policies.

•Find policies that match your requirements – If you have specific requirements for your car insurance, you can compare the features offered by different insurance companies and choose a vehicle insurance cover that best meets your requirement. Especially in the case of Comprehensive insurance policies different insurance companies cover different features so it is always advisable to compare features and buy a policy that matches with your criteria.

•Buy a policy that is just right for you – Buying the cheapest or most comprehensive policy cannot always be the best solution. For instance, a policy that offers lowest premium may be offering least insurance cover and therefore may not be the best in case you meet a financial emergency that is not covered under your policy. Similarly, a very comprehensive insurance policy may be offering lot more features than you may actually be requiring , so you may be unnecessarily be bearing a huge premium cost. Comparing insurance policy can help you choose optimum car insurance cover that is just right for your needs.
Comparing car insurance policy online – the Best way out

In the modern times, people are extremely comfortable finding solutions online, this include searching for the most appropriate car insurance policy. There are several reputed insurance comparison websites such as that help people compare insurance quotes of noted insurance companies and make their independent decision. Users can fill in their insurance requirements and accordingly they will receive quotes from different companies.

Users can compare quotes on the basis of premiums and features and take the most appropriate decision. People can search for insurance from the comfort of their home and at a feasible time. They don’t need to be bothered by pesky insurance agents and take their independent decision. Most insurance comparison websites offer their service free of call, so you only stand to gain if you compare and buy car insurance cover.