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documentation for motor insurance claims

If you are wondering how to Claim car insurance, for your information, before you proceed with filling up of car insurance claim form, it is important that you have all the documents ready, so it is crucial that you document the following:
  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle and Driving License: Keep these two documents handy at the time of making a car insurance claim.
  • Note down carefully: Names and addresses of any eye witnesses available around and also make a special note of the investigating police officer’s credentials.
  • Condition of the weather: Make a note of the weather condition whether it is snowy, rainy, foggy, misty etc because such conditions are sometimes responsible for car accidents.
  • Condition of the road: The road surface is an important point to note whether it is dry, wet, slippery, icy, or loose pebbles are present etc, as these conditions trigger car accidents.
  • Location of Accident: It is important to document the location of the Accident whether it is a city, suburban, business, wooded, etc.
  • Visibility: Document the visibility condition whether sunny, cloudy, dusky, was it in the evening or night.
  • Traffic condition: Note down the condition of traffic, availability of overhead lights, visibility of speed limit, stop, warning, Hospital or school zone signs
  • Make a sketch: of the driving area; whether the area is a flat, straight, curved, asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, dirt, etc. Highlight the width of the street and the location of impact, show the skid marks prominently.
  • Condition of motor vehicle that collided with that of yours (if applicable): If your car had collided with another car it is important to document age and general overall condition of the other car.
  • Take pictures of the location and the damage: As much as possible try to capture the accident area along with the crashed car in your camera as a picture is worth several words. Photograph the skid marks on the road and take close up pictures of the damages caused to the vehicles that will be really helpful for your car insurance claim.
  • Picture of your physical injury: It is important to take the picture of  your physical injuries on the spot if possible even before any first aid treatment as that picture can be produced as a proof for any claim. Highlight all bruises while taking the picture and it is a Bonus if the picture shows the date on it.
  • File a car accident report: Do not forget to document the conversation with the police, date of filing the report and all the necessary information. Ensure that you discuss the matter of the accident only with the police and note down all the information you get in the process.
  • Document your answers to the other party: If the accident involved other car driver then you can anticipate a call from the driver’s Insurance Agent if they are not satisfied with his version of statement. The insurance agent might want to get the exact picture by drawing conclusions from what you have to say. Be watchful what you say and make word by word note of your statement, as any conflict of information might get you into trouble.
Once you are all set with the supporting documents there is no reason for you to wonder about  how to claim car insurance ,you can straight away talk to your vehicle insurance company and fill up the car insurance claim form.