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exclusions in vehicle insurance

Exclusions include
Damaged caused by someone who is not covered

Damaged caused by DUI

Deliberate loss or damage to the vehicle

Damage caused when the Premium was missed or was overdue

Consequential and extraneous losses

Depreciation as well as normal wear and tear

Damage caused by abnormal use of the vehicle

Betterment costs over and above the costs of repair and restoration on account of a vehicle Accident

Vehicle insurance plays such an important role in the sharing of road risks and in being handy when there are urgent needs on account of contingencies. Car insurance cover is mandatory and it is important to find the best car insurance that would serve your needs. However, you need to realise that even the best vehicle insurance would come with exclusions, key aspects that you need to take note of when you choose your car insurance cover.

Here are some important notes on Exclusions in vehicle insurance which you should be aware of:

Damage caused by someone not covered: Your car insurance cover is good only for those who are covered by the certificate of insurance. Even the best vehicle insurance would not provide cover for any damage caused by someone who is not covered by your vehicle insurance or by someone who has violated the conditions of a valid driving license.

Driving Under Influence of Alcohol (DUI): That’s a no-brainer. DUI is a strict no-no even for the best car insurance.

Deliberate Damage or Loss: Car insurance cover is meant for accidental damage that could result out of the risks associated with driving on the road. Any loss to the car, its accessories or third party by deliberate action would render the terms of the best vehicle insurance void.
Unpaid or Missed premium: You would not want to miss a premium or leave it overdue precisely for this reason. If you happen to be the subject of an incident just when you had left your premium overdue, you may fall under the exclusion clause of even the best car insurance.

Consequential Losses: If there are liabilities that have arisen due to contractual obligations on account of a motor accident but would not have been there had the accident not have taken place, liabilities that arise as a result of motor accident but would not have arisen otherwise, your car insurance cover would not hold water.

Extraneous Losses: If there are losses other than those of your car and accessories or losses apart from those of the third party, you could not expect the best vehicle insurance to pitch in your favor and do the due.

Depreciation / Wear and Tear: Now, that’s what you would expect to happen when you simply own a car and drive it anywhere on the road. That’s perfectly normal and you would not expect car insurance cover for such a normal course of events.

Abnormal use of the vehicle: Talking of normal wear and tear, even abnormal use would not be covered by the best vehicle insurance in town. If you use your car for purposes other than what it is supposed to be used, do not expect backing from your favorite insurance firm.

Betterment costs: If you have had an accident and have chosen to make your car even better than what it was before the accident, those would be what could be equated to ‘cosmetic expenses’, which would not fetch your car insurance cover.